Table runners have become the new style statement for a stunning dinette. From enhancing with its crafting to being very functional, this accessory is sure to bring oomph in the dinette. So, here are some of the facts that you must consider before buying one for your home.

The Purpose For A Table Runner

A table liner can accentuate the dining table more than anything else. If you have a planned décor for your dining table, these runners will have to be in your bucket list to illuminate the look of the dining table to the core.

Certainly, there are two main purposes of incorporating table runners in the house. Firstly, you can put it as a colorful décor accessory for amplifying the look of a wooden dining table. If you look for it online, then you are sure to come across designs that are much of a match for the dining. Be it some detailed thing, chequered pattern, florals or mere a bold color, there is definitely something to match the home furnishing and room.

Secondly, it is of superb assistance to keep the dining table stain resistant. It is purposed for keeping the hot pots on the runner as it cannot be kept directly on the table. Also, it is good enough for the candle light dinner as the candle wax shall be dropped on the dining table runner only.

These are some of the basic reasons why it is good to have it on the dining table.

The Right Time To Bring It On

There is no right time for placing a dining table runner in your room as this accessory is inviting for everyday and special for occasions too. When you have decided to have it for daily purpose, you can bring in a dramatic touch by contrasting this accessory with the other home furnishing like curtains or the seat covers.

While at the time of occasions, you can simply set a buffet with incorporating a differently embroidered table runner, silk table runner etc. These are certainly some of the décor ideas to give a feel that the dinner time today is not ordinary.

The Best Material For It

When it comes to buying the best material for table liners, then here are the two best suggestions that you can always rely on. Polyester and cotton are said to be the wisest of all material for the dining table.

Reason being that the hot pots can be easily kept in these mats, and they are less prone to stick to the fabric or the wood. It is ideally useful for the hot pans and candle wax, as these do not stick much on the cloth.

Secondly, polyester and cotton material is very convenient to be cleaned. All it takes is a detergent wash to get the cleanliness back and therefore you can count on it for years ahead.

How To Pick The Perfectly Sized Dining Table Runner

Sometimes extremely long runner will be dragged on the floor, while too short one ends up being purposeless. So, here is what you need to be sure of before buying dining table runners for your dinette.

The width of the runner should be a quarter of the width of the dining table. It would give better assortment to the dinner plates that can be kept at the opposite sides. Secondly, the length of it should be acceptable enough so that the table liner ends up hanging a bit at the sides.

Certainly, 36 to 108 inches is said to be the standard length for different sized tables.

How Can You Align It

The most common way to align table liners are by placing it right in the center of the dining table. But for a different approach, you can also use two equally contrasting runners to be kept on two ends of the dining table. For more, you can also give base of a pairing table cloth for an enhanced dining experience.


These are some of the tips and tricks about dining table runners that will help you with incorporating a captivating dinette for yourself. Try this today.

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