Every table, especially in a newly married couple’s home should have some kind of covering on it to make the decor of the room complete. A tablecloth is not only an ornamental covering for your table; it also protects your table from stains and scratches and adds a touch of class to the table setting.

Tablecloths have been used since medieval times by the wealthy during feasts and special occasions. Later it came into the homes of people at every stratum in the society. In the Victorian era, tablecloths were full of thick, fringed draperies in deep colors which would reach to the floor. Nowadays, these can be made from any fabric like embroidered silk, cotton, poly-cotton, or even PVC coated fabric that can be easily wiped clean and easily washed.

Some tablecloths come coordinated with napkins and place mats. Special tablecloths have runners which overhangs the table at two ends only. It is a much smaller version of a tablecloth. It is laid out in a manner where only parts of the table can be seen. Place lace overlays on the tablecloths add elegance to the table setting.

Tablecloths also known as “table linen” comes in three basic types: Square, round and banquet style. Tablecloths also can be customized. Apart from homes, these tablecloths are also suitable for restaurants, the hospitality industry, weddings and special events.

An extremely convenient option, tablecloths in plastic material are also available. These are washable, do not require pressing and are fairly heavy which makes them fall well. They last longer than fabric tablecloths. These too are available in a variety of designs, colors and different sizes.

Friends and relatives of the couple can refer to the Wedding Registry set-up by the couple to select the perfect tablecloth. It can be purchased at the store with the help of the sales staff or can be ordered via the internet.

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