Tablecloths have been around since medieval times. With time, tablecloths have become extremely popular and more people began using tablecloths to cover their tables. Tablecloths protect the table from scratches and stains, or cover up existing scratches and stains. They can brighten up a room and create a relaxing ambience for dinnertime. Flowers, candles and other decorative items can be placed on the tablecloth to enhance the look of the table.

Tablecloths are also known as ‘table linen’, and have to be selected carefully. Individual taste is essential to this process. No two people have similar taste, so selecting a tablecloth for your dining table is primarily a personal choice. However, certain things are to be considered while purchasing tablecloths.

The size of the table is an important aspect. You can find the ideal size of your tablecloth by measuring the size of your table and then adding six to ten inches to the dimensions on each side of the table for the ‘drop’ – this is the part that drops or hangs over the side of the table. Tablecloths also come in coordinated sets with table napkins included. These sets are for a twelve place table setting. This is essential when you are entertaining guests or having a formal meal.

Tablecloths come in a plethora of materials, designs, styles and textures. Again deciding upon which one is best for your table is depends on your taste and the decor of your dining room or kitchen. These tablecloths come is a variety of materials such as linen, cotton, polyester and plastic.

Tablecloths come in various shapes: square, round and banquet. Your choice of tablecloth will depend on the shape of your table. You can also have ‘runners’ that are smaller than the tablecloth. It hangs over the tablecloth at the two ends and only a small portion of the tablecloth can be seen. You can also place a lace overlay over the tablecloth to add a bit of elegance to your table.

Tablecloths are generally seen as being part of kitchenware and need to be coordinated with the rest of your kitchenware to achieve a harmonious decor.

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Donald Baker is currently working in the food industry and putting himself through cooking school. He loves French food and plans to open his own Parisian Style Bistro one day. He is interested in all things that make life more delicious, elegant and enjoyable and writes about anything that catches his fancy. He writes about Kitchenware and tablecloths in this article.