Due to the cost of scrap metal decreasing, organised thieves are started to focus their attention more on different targets- namely Solar Panels! There exists plenty of reports which suggest the disappearance of solar panels from residential rooftops, and even from large solar parks.

But solar farm theft is not something that’s emerged out of the blue. It has been a constant hindrance for years, proven right by a 2014 report which stated that the Australian economy lost millions of AU$ overall due to this rural thievery.

Now fast-forward to 2019, and a number of solar farms have come up, supported by the Australian government subsidiaries to benefit community projects and general public wellness. However, with time, the degree of theft has also increased.

Several reports support this theory of involved organised goons pulling up solar panels in lorries unobserved overnight with their specialised tools to make a quick escape in recent times.

Countering This Growing Menace:- Smart Steps!

There is no secret that solar farms have been experiencing a high rate of crime-like solar farm thievery, vandalism, diesel theft or even stealing of vehicle. Due to this, it is pivotal to make drastic precautionary measures to avert these devious and dastardly crimes.

Truth be told, it only takes them one or two hours to dismantle or disappear a large photo-voltaic array. But using these clever steps; one can avert this disaster.

  • CCTV remote monitoring for solar farm security is one effective way to secure the perimeter fence. One can make use of modern security technology in the form of video analytics, infrared detection and proper lighting to ensure adequate CCTV monitoring.
  • Allows visual verification for the farm authorities and the cops to deal with the incident as well as the miscreant(s) causing it.
  • Offers round the clock monitoring for peace-of-mind.
  • Enables professional security guards for hire to deal with any alarms raised immediately.
  • Fitting Motion Detection Lights may be another apt way to avert unwanted entries. Almost 90% of solar farm thievery happens at night, where they can veil themselves under the cover of darkness. But adding motion detection lights could prevent this by putting them under the spotlight and catching them in their act, red-handed!
  • Linking All Solar Panel Racks Together- means physically connecting the photo-voltaic module rack together using heavy-gauge, strong padlocks and even nylon coated wires. With solar panel racks connected together, these thieves will have to work extra hard to break into the premise and cause any misdeeds.
  • Utilising locking fasteners like specialised nuts and bolts to guard solar panel theft. Conventional fasteners and screwdrivers don’t work on these fasteners; in fact, the only way to remove the hardware is with the help of a security key.

Now, security fasteners could be a costly addition to your solar panel security. But this cost in comparison will be nothing to the loss of stolen photo-voltaic panels.

  • Lastly, restrict all entry points and beef up its security more by positioning experienced security guards in Sydney to keep watch over any illegitimate acts.

So... Is Your Solar Panel Farm Security Up-To-Date?

If not, then feel free to contact a reliable agency known for providing quality security services in Sydney at budgeted rates.

While sorting out which security service provider to choose, look for one who is ASIAL registered (Australian Security Industry Association), has been in this venture for years and has a sound customer satisfaction record.

Making all this effort will only vouchsafe top-grade security solutions for optimal solar farm protection.

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