Tacoma is a mid sized urban port city in & the county seat of Pierce County, Washington, U.S.A. The city is on Washington's Puget Sound. It is the second largest city in the Puget Sound Area & the third largest in the state. The city suffered a prolonged decline in the mid 20th century due to disinvestment & suburbanization & now undergoing renaissance Tacoma legal services revolve greatly around family law legal services in divorce, military divorce, and child custody & child support enforcement.

Expert Tacoma Child Support Attorneys & Tacoma Child Custody Lawyers provide excellent advice on Tacoma Child support. A non-custodial parent is generally required to pay child support to the custodial parent. Child support is a mathematical calculation which is reached by adding the net income of the both the spouses & accordingly the total is applied to a standard formula by keeping in mind the needs of the child. A court might decrease child support when the paying parent has the responsibility from supporting children from other relations. On the paying parent receiving higher income, the court may increase the child support amount. The paying parent may be required to contribute to other child care expenses apart from child support. If one of the parent can prove that the other parent has failed to pay child support in spite of being capable & having the knowledge of child support can be forced by the court to pay, in case of further default one can be jailed.

Custody of a child solely depends on which parent has taken greater responsibility in daily needs of the child & with whom the child is more attached. Other factors like potentiality of each parent, the child's emotional needs, child's adjustment with other siblings & family members & each parent's employment schedule. The parent who is not entitled to custody enjoys the right of visitation. Visitation depends on the age & needs of the child. Generally a non custodial parent gets the child every other weekend from Friday evening to Sunday evening & for midweek overnight every week. In case of incapability of other parent like child abuse & drug abuse, the parent who has the custody of the child might limit the visit the other parent or allow no visitation but one has to prove this allegation in court.

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