If you have rooms which are so big that even if you vamp the entire furniture, you would still spare ample space to play cricket. In this situation, the room dividers can be of great help to sort your abode into more utility and with utter ease.

You don’t always need to invest quite an amount for attaining big fat wooden partitions with fancy designs. As you can do it with some reasonable and entertaining ideas to form your partitions. Some of these hacks are given below to direct towards a fancy room divider:

1.Drop some Beads:
Beads and pearls are something that tingles an immediate charm at the very first site. Imagine how ravishing would it be when you see a wall that drops colorful beads of big and small size. This is possible with a room partition design that will enlighten as well as stunningly divide the space. All you have to do is hang a rope end to end to the place where you intend to make a room partition. Over the rope, hang strings of beads vertically. These beads can be of any color and any size. Hanging a wall full of glittery beads will boost the appeal of the abode.

2.Natural Wall in the Hall:
A natural wall to form vertical space for the living room will look lavishing in the space. As greenery is always glamourous since then till now. Instead of getting a whole wall cemented, you can get a wall drilled. Drill a metal frame with vertical and horizontal lines within. And with the block so formed, you can insert a small planter within each. Either you can place planter in each of them , or you can place it in an alternate pattern. This will lead to the formation of a room divider design that would keep growing green and graceful naturally.

3.Glass to Give Grace:
From the foyer to the living, people tend to divide their room with a wall and door. But this very idea will form a wall so needed but in a distinct way. You can opt for a glass wall which would fulfill its purpose as well as give an appeal like never before. A room divider is of a height that is ample to segment the space like a wall. You can customize a wooden frame within which you can insert a translucent glass that is embossed with designs. And in this way is ready a room partition design that is fabulous to display and functional to work.

4.Aqua Wall:
This involves nothing more than just arraying a beautiful world of water. A big fat aquarium is all that it takes to form a wall that is so beautiful to see from both the sides. If just an aquarium is not enough, then you can also vamp a wooden frame around it or hang some small folding curtains. This will bring more grace to the existing to end up as a fabulous room divider design.

5.The utility of a Wall:
You often nail shelves into a wall to form a plinth to keep your books, photo frames and alarm clock. But how about making a wall itself that serves every such plinth without nailing a single wood into it. Nail three to four rods vertically end to end. And within each space between the rods nail some wooden planks. These planks will be wide enough to vamp all your favorites ravishingly. While everyone plans of making a showcase in the living; you make an entire wall to showcase. And is presented to you a dutiful room partition design.

Room dividers are not only meant to be in the bedroom, but it can even add utility and a unique appeal to every whereabouts. Hacks like these can give an entirely new definition to room divider designs.
Enhance your home with something away from the league with room partition designs.

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