Taglines are like miniature ads. There are a number of entrepreneurs who will tell you that they are big fans of taglines. The elaborate surrounding tagline does not stem from the fact that the crisp little copies are attention grabbers. For those who are the real fans of taglines do not judge one just by its cover. They dig into deeper details of tagline creation to cull out the strategy that the business is deploying with it.

The one-liners are nothing more than an extraordinarily written catch-phrase until they communicate the company’s unique value proposition. Informed customer insight is an inevitable input for the process of tagline creation. A brand that has an tagline identical to its positioning is considered as a balanced and well-managed one. Even though few will dismiss the need for a tagline, those who have learned by experience will press on the importance for a strategically created tagline.

There are a number of objectives that a strategically inclined tagline must aim to fulfil. Some of them are as follows:

• To build an association with the consumer, at a psychological level
• There should not be any cost of entry benefit
• It should be emotionally appealing
• It should be more than an advertisement and less than a promotional campaign
• It should not be beyond the scope of brand promise

Brand Taglines and Strategy Taglines: A Comparison
The purpose of a brand tagline is to communicate the value proposition of the brand. In a similar manner, the purpose of a strategic tagline is to highlight the strategic pursuits of the business. If the business emphasizes on growing, horizontally as well as vertically, the strategic intent of the tagline should be on growth. It should be crafted for the business to establish a deliberate connection with its micro environment including clients, customers and employees.

On an operational level, the purpose of a strategic tagline is to let the people understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of a business. If a brand tagline lures them, a strategic tagline makes them stay.

Points for the Process
Strategic taglines are not born out of the blue. Tagline creation takes time, imagination and effort to create one. Some of the notes to memorize for the creation of taglines include:

• Expert consultation on the process of tagline creation
• Review and re-review the purpose of the tagline
• Consult the clients and customers
• Follow a vision or a dream

How Some of the Great Taglines “Happened”
“A Diamond is forever”, the infamous De Beers slogan was a result of deep sleep and resulting dreams. The copywriter who conceived the tagline said that the idea came to her in her dreams. Could there be any better way of tagline creation?

Then there is the Nike tagline that needs no introduction. “Just Do It” was originally coined originally by Gary Gilmore a murderer who received death penalty for murdering two people. Gilmore’s last words were “Let’s Do It”. Nike played smart and changed it to “Just Do It”.

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