A Tail Ender is your initial (uncensored) response to a positive affirmation. Tail Enders are an excellent way to find core issues and beliefs. Whatever our beliefs, we have the 'evidence' to support them - 'the evidence and proof' are the specific events that occurred in your life. You took on that belief or came to that conclusion about your self, life and others as a result of a particular event. Tap on these events one by one so the corresponding beliefs collapse and dissolve.

Write down your first response to the following positive affirmations:

1. I am lovable
2. I accept myself exactly as I am
3. I deserve the best life has to offer
4. I am abundant
5. I am ready to live the life of my dreams
5. It is safe to be me
6. It is safe to express my feelings
7. I am heard
8. I am important and I count
9. I belong
10. I trust myself

Now, list all the events in your life that support your true beliefs (your responses to the list) and start tapping. You will be amazed at the results!

Author's Bio: 

Noreen Barron MA, EFT-Cert1
EFT Practitioner