Digitization is a new synonym for the 21st century. We have not looked back since the invention of the first computer in the world. And then the internet gave it the new wings. This was the perfect time to boost the speed of globalization and leverage the benefits of how closely the world has become.

Digital-first is the policy that every smart organization, business or nonbusiness is adopting along with government bodies to ensure speed, safety, and accuracy in the daily, regular work and crucial tasks such as storing the data, sharing the data, etc. E-signature solution is one such digital technology that is revolutionizing the process of documentation across the world.

If you are a company that deals with a large number of paperwork on a regular basis, you ought to think of deploying an app for signing documents. It will not only push you towards the paperless-future, but will also streamline your workflow efficiently ultimately leading to more productivity, more efficiency, cost-effective working, and saving of time.

Any best electronic signature software would use a mathematical code validating the authenticity of a digital message/records/file/documents/data. This helps you sign the document in a safe environment where validating the signer is easier. Digital signatures are more like digital fingerprints that the signer leaves on the document via an e-signature solution that connects the document to the signer in an encrypted format. Every encryption is unique and hence is connected to one particular person only.

How e-signature solution helps your business.

1. Fast turnaround

Using a traditional signature method is the style of the past and it is no more going to help your business in the fast-paced present world. Performing a traditional signature is a lengthy process that involves many steps and even the turnaround time is long. With an e-signature solution, you can share the document with any number of parties, irrespective of their location just through a single click. Even the signers can sign the document quickly and send the same back to you in a few minutes.

This not only saves time but also saves you and the signer from the expenses on stationery, postage, fax, printing, etc. In a digital signature, the users can perform their signatures from any device, even using their smartphone.

2. Cost savings

Implementing a digital signature solution will cost you something. There is free e signature software in the market however businesses or government agencies prefer to use the paid version. The cost that the business incurs in the initial stage helps the business in saving money in the long run. E-signature solution allows the users to draft an electronic document, ensign it, and save it safely in the digital space. Businesses do not have to spend money and valuable working hours in printing, faxing, posting the document, and wait for days for the completion of the signing process by every concerned party. The solution is eco friendly too.

3. Efficiency

A faster documentation process means better efficiency and will manage business workflow. Digital signatures also ensure better management of the documents and tracking the data becomes easier and speedier.

In the traditional signature method, the documentation process used to take days sometimes even months. Digitization of the signature is helping to complete the total process in a matter of a few minutes without compromising the safety of the data. One more benefit of using an e-signature solution is that you can track the document easily; each process that the document goes through is monitored for better transparency.

4. Security

As everything is tracked and monitored, it is hard for any person to intervene in the process of documentation throughout the journey. With every electronic signature, a private key gets generated which is unique to the signer only. It is more like generating a digital fingerprint which can ensure that the right signer has signed the document. With every private key, a public key is generated which is shared with the other concerned parties of the document for safety and security. Here, in case anybody ( from the signers or outsiders) tries to meddle with the content or the process/signature, the document becomes invalid immediately. Encryption and monitoring of the document ensure security and a smooth process.

To conclude

Businesses and offices are leveraging the most suitable app for signing documents to make their workflow efficient. Security of the data is another concern that is taken care of if the office is using the best electronic signature software. Apart from the security, speed, cost-effectiveness, and ease, digital signatures help your business in one more way.

It offers you safe storage space in the cloud where you can store, manage, and access each and every data. This data is accessible through any device (with the internet). Quantity is no limit. No physical office infrastructure is needed.

Author's Bio: 

Paula Williams is a product manager at Esignly. Esignly serves you the best, satisfying its customers with their digital signature requirements across all the industry, be it financial, insurance, healthcare, government banking, real estate or legal. The company has the goal of transferring all your paperwork into online digital work providing you the ease and comfort at a low cost with full authentication.