The Project Management Professional or PMP certification enables a manager to have superior skills for managing any project in any industry. Not only do they get to exercise competence over other who don’t have such a certification, but they also become the recipient of various benefits.

Some of the benefits individuals with PMP certification training have are:

  1. Higher increment.
  2. More opportunities.
  3. Increased networking possibilities.
  4. Superb skill development.
  5. More credibility.
  6. Ability to train subordinates.

In addition to the above-mentioned, PMP certified managers also enjoy various perks from their employers. These benefits only come because of various skills they can exhibit.

Few of these skills that a PMP certified manager possesses are:        

  1. Exceptional communication skills

One of the major requirements for a corporate environment is communication skills and PMP certified managers excel in it. This helps them keep the project team intact by maintaining a stable workflow and relationship among them. Thus, everyone works efficiently with each other and progress accordingly.

In addition, managers also get to interact with clients, stakeholders, board members, and others. Their communication skills are tested in these situations as well.

  1. Future planning

Planning ahead and keeping things under control is another skill managers with a PMP certification have. They ensure that his/her team, resources, budget, and other project requirements are aligned with each other maintaining consistency.

Project managers have an in-depth knowledge of the company strategy, how to abide by it and support it directly. They also sometimes create various strategies to achieve the desired outcome of a particular project.

  • Decision making

Superior decision making skill is another one that a manager excels in. Four styles of decision making exist – consultation, consensus, command and random.

A manager who has undergone PMP certification training showcases excellence in all four of these styles as there might be conflicts among the team members who might not agree with a certain decision.    

  1. Innovation

Although innovation is a prime requirement of an industry, project managers also need this power while leading a team. With innovative ideas, an individual can address various issues that arise during a project development.

Blending the traditional rules and finding new approaches to a problem is what PMP certified managers shine in, and that makes them distinctive.

  1. Conflict Management

A project will create conflicts. Clients, board, stakeholders, and project team, all may have different methodologies and views which can give rise to conflicts. Moreover, budgetary constraints, deadlines, and others can be the cause for conflicts as well. However, it is the sole responsibility of the manager to address them.

Managers with PMP certification hold expertise to keep a conflict under control, prevent it from escalating, and resolve them at the earliest.

  1. Motivating and coaching

Last but not the least, project managers with PMP certification work as motivators for employees and team members. They also provide coaching to their team to develop certain skills and increase their productivity.

Owing to the above-mentioned skills, PMP certified project managers have high regard in any industry. Individuals undergoing PMP certification training reach one step closer to attaining such a position.    


Author's Bio: 

pmwares is a project management consulting company assisting organizations and managers to build competency and improve project delivery for better business results.