Indefinite leave to return in the United Kingdom is a form of immigration status, which means a person can live and work in the UK for as long as they want, without the need to apply for a visa extension. However, people with ILR are still denied entry at the border. Normally, if a person with leave, restricted or indefinite, travels outside the United Kingdom, that person may re-enter the United Kingdom as long as the leave has not expired. This means that the ILR visa UK of that person immediately lapses as a matter of law if a person with ILR stays outside of the UK for more than two years. The holder may still have in their passport a Biometric Residence Permit, or a stamp or vignette sticker, which means they have ILR, but in fact, it is no longer valid. Returning to the UK for just a day would avoid the loss of ILR, but in the first place, people would need to learn about the law to do so. Many people who have indefinite leave to return suppose it is what it says on the tin; it is not. It is possible for a person who previously had indefinite leave to stay in the UK to be readmitted and to regain their ILR. There is no readmission option, however, and it is up to an individual immigration official whether to accept it.

British citizens' spouses and partners or people living in the UK may apply for a visa to enter their loved ones or to stay with them. Under the Immigration Regulations, these applications are dealt with by the Home Office. A United Kingdom partner visa is a form of family visa in the UK. The request is from the wife, husband or civil partner of a settled UK citizen. A settled person is someone residing in the United Kingdom who is either a British resident, holds permanent leave to stay or holds leave as a refugee or under humanitarian security. The agreed person is named the sponsor to apply for a Spouse Visa UK. Similar to the partner visa, the same-sex civil partner of a person residing in the UK applies for a civil partner visa. The immigration authorities handle applications for spouse visas and civil partner visas precisely the same way. Applications for spousal visas may be made from outside the UK or, in some cases, from within the UK, and the applicant may apply either to come to the UK as a wife or partner or to stay in the UK as a spouse.

Requirements for UK Partner Visa :

• A financial requirement amounting to £ 18,600. This can be done by employment, self-employment, becoming an own company owner, investments, non-employment income or, in some cases, a combination of a couple of sources listed earlier. Those who claim such benefits are subject to different laws.
• A condition that the relationship is real and that it subsists.
• Required accommodation. The applicant must also demonstrate that they and their partner, and any dependants, would have ample accommodation.

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Required accommodation. The applicant must also demonstrate that they and their partner, and any dependants, would have ample accommodation.