If you have been planning to take a short break from the busy schedule, then searching for some of the exotic locations can do wonders! The recent years have been witnessing a phenomenal increment in the numbers of tourists paying a visit to one of the countries of Himalayan Kingdoms- Nepal.

Nepal has always been the top priority for the trekkers from different corners of the world. The presence of some of the highest summits on earth is present in this country. Right from the Mount Everest to Mt Manaslu, the average height of the mountains stands at above 8000m.

The different service providers have for the enthusiasts different treks, and of these, Manalsu Trek stands popular next to the Everest one.

What Stands Special in Manaslu Trek?

Considered to be in the list of wilderness trek, it offers a wide range of scenic view to the trekkers. The towering mountain peaks covered with snow makes the trek a breathtaking one.

In addition to it, the trekkers get to see approximately 5000 crosses. Where on earth would one get this deadly and beautiful combination? The trekker gets to experience some of the well-known tea houses during the way. This off-the-beaten-path is something that is getting popular in the last decade.

Why Choose the Manaslu Trek?

For the adventure lovers or the trekkers, it becomes quite confusing as to which one to choose. One of the tourist guides associated with a reputed travel and tour companies is of the opinion that there can be several reasons behind choosing the Manaslu Trek which is as follows--

  • It’s a Cultural Trail

If you are searching for a culturally rich trek, then this is going to be the best one. Since the mountain lies in both Nepal and Tibet region, therefore, one would get to mix up with the different people from the Tibetan origin in Tsum Valley. A proper Manaslu trek itinerary would ensure that the trekker gets to enjoy the art, culture, religion, dialect, and culture of the people living in that area.

  • It’s a Budgeted Trek

Amidst all the different types of treks, this is considered to be one of the budgeted treks. A 14-day trek with a reputed service provider would come in mere $1000 approximately without an offer. Manaslu trek without a guide is always going to be unsafe. Therefore, what is needed is to book things in advance.

  • It’s a Cherry on the Top of Cake

Many people might think this trek to be a monotonous one, but the truth is another way round. This trek offers a person with several other side trips and escapade to some of the beautiful places on the Himalayas. The 3-week venture into the wilderness is going to take the trekker to Pungeen Gomba, Tibetian border, Tsum Valley, Kal Lake, Birendra lake, and many more.


Trek to Manaslu is always a trekker's favourite destination, and when it is about taking a break from the hectic day-to-day life, it's the perfect destination for a short break.

Author's Bio: 

The author is associated with one of the reputed agencies conducting treks and trips to Himalayan lap. Manaslu Trek of the company stands the most popular one amongst the different tourists.