If you feel like you want to take a lot of time to bathe, you're free to do so. Don't feel guilty about spending too much time, especially if you know that you deserve it. When you already worked for several hours during the day and added more hours to take care of your family, a 30-minute bath isn't too much to ask.

Besides, this time could be the only time throughout the day when you're alone. You only have to worry about how to make yourself feel comfortable. You stop thinking about work or family. If you think this way about bathing, it doesn't matter how much time you spend.

There’s time for other things

You can take care of other essential tasks some other time. When it’s time to bathe, you can drop everything else and focus on yourself. Your work will still be there once you finish bathing. You can still spend time with your family once you finish. In the meantime, you can spend some time relaxing and being selfish for a while.

Pamper yourself

If you want to use your favourite bathing products, you can take time to apply them. You can even use your time to gather your thoughts and plan. It's the only time when you don't react when you think of something. Instead, you think about the consequences of your actions. You hold back before saying anything. You can also drop all your thoughts and focus on yourself. Enjoy that moment and unwind.

You will have tons of challenges the next day

The time you spend bathing and relaxing might be the only time when you have nothing else to think about other than yourself. You drop all negative thoughts and feel inspired. Once you start to step out of the door, you will face reality again. You know that there are tasks that you have to get back to. Your kids are also waiting for you to tuck them into their bed. The next day, you have to deal with your colleagues again. Therefore, a few minutes each day for bathing is a good thing. It's like your time to prepare for the day that lies ahead.

You’re not doing a lot for yourself

There was a time when you were too selfish and tried doing all the things you loved. However, you paused when you had a family. As you start planning to do things that you like, you realize that you have to prioritize your family. Your shower time could be the only moment when you have nothing to think about but yourself. Therefore, you shouldn't feel guilty about it. Even if you spend an hour alone while bathing, it's okay. You can find a way to deal with other responsibilities later.

You might also want to consider buying one of the new shower cabins so that your bathing experience will be worth it. You won’t even notice that time passes by once you’re inside the shower room.

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