There are many different ways we can change our lifestyles to empower ourselves and create that positive change we all crave. When you’re looking for new ways to improve yourself, the actions that facilitate this change can often seem like large unachievable hurdles, hidden behind procrastination and fear. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Here are some simple lifestyle changes that you can make immediately:
Get some proper sleep
Doctors recommend that on average we try and get around 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Sleep is vital for allowing our bodies to recharge their batteries and prepare us with the energy we need to get through our days. While some boast of getting by on four hours sleep per night, and some people claim to need around 12, under-sleeping or over-sleeping can be detrimental to our health, leading to things like increased stress, fatigue, and heart problems in later life. A good night’s sleep will equip you with all you need to start your day right and improve your mood.
Read a book
Our busy schedules can often make it difficult to fit in those old habits from childhood that we used to love. Try and take some time out of each day to read a book or educate yourself in something you love. Just 30 minutes of reading today can be enough to help you learn something new or escape to another world in one of your favourite stories. Reading is also a great way to keep your mind and imagination active into old age.
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Drink plenty water
There’s no quicker way to make a much-needed lifestyle change than by drinking more water. Doctors recommend we drink two litres of water a day, and while this may seem like a lot in one sitting, when it’s spaced out across the day it’s only four, half-pints. Hydration is vital to improving our mental and physical performance, while also having other benefits for our bodies. Adequate hydration is perfect for keeping skin supple, muscles and joints working effectively and is superb for improving cardiovascular health. So, put down the fizzy drinks and get guzzling some H20.
Indulge in a little romance
Last on the list is the big L; Love. A little bit of love can go a long way, and is often more beneficial than drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, or even reading a good book. Although it can often be harder to acquire than our other points. A feeling of co-dependency and intimacy are a great way of reducing stress as well as improving your general outlook on life.
Whether it’s love making or drinking your recommended two litres per day, these are just some of the simple ways you can empower your lives with some easy lifestyle changes.

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