Is the sidewalk adjacent to your property broken? Does your sidewalk ask for a complete reconstruction? Then you must be cautious and promptly contact sidewalk replacement services in NYC. Otherwise, DOT may send you the notice for violation of the sidewalk. Department of Transportation (DOT) aims at providing safe, swift, and eco-friendly transportation services in New York City. It also works for maintaining and improving the traffic mobility, movement of pedestrians, and the whole transportation network. The main objectives of DOT in NYC are:

• To provide a safe, swift, and eco-friendly transportation service in New York City.

• To maintain a hassle-free traffic system and pedestrian movement.

• To enhance the infrastructure of the transportation network.

• To maintain the sidewalks, pathways, highways, bridges, tunnels, and streets.

• To encourage public transportation as it is the most sustainable mode of traffic.

• To conduct awareness programs on safe traffic and enhanced transportation.

DOT designs bus lanes, bicycle facilities, and public plazas. These help to maintain a less congested and environment-friendly traffic system on road. There are certain properties under the jurisdiction of NYCDOT are handled by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation (NYCDPR). DOT itself is responsible for constructional tasks like sidewalk replacement in NYC, pathway development, and so on. The authority of DOT also issues parking permissions and construction permissions for work in the middle of the streets. An interesting and useful program is managed by DOT, which is the Adopt-a-Highway program. Under this program, an individual or a company or organization can adopt a highway with a pledge to keep it clean and beautiful. It is a tax-deductible opportunity for citizens or companies in New York to contribute to society.

As per the New York City law, property owners are responsible for the violation of sidewalks adjacent to their properties. Under such circumstances, they are bound to repair the damaged sidewalk or call sidewalk repair specialists for sidewalk replacement in NYC by themselves. DOT with its professional supervisors, observe and check the sidewalks and other parts of the roads. For damaged sidewalks, they send an official notice to the property owners to ensure public safety. Thus, DOT strives to fulfill its mission to maintain a systematic, well-organized, swift transportation, and traffic system.

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