The skin is the largest organ in your body, and it requires continued attention and miniaturization to maintain a healthy radiance. Our skin contributes to our body image. The image covers the surface of who and impacts our self-esteem, happiness, and confidence. Lumos Dermatology is aimed at making you comfortable and pleased in your own skin. Lumos Dermatology offers exceptional dermatology services, including laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal, nail problems, and fractional laser skin resurfacing in New York. There are several ways in which Lumos dermatologists perform these services.

  •         Laser Hair Removal

If you want to permanently do away with your unwanted hair, you should consider going for a laser hair removal procedure at Lumos Dermatology. Laser hair removal is a medical procedure involving modern laser technology to prevent unwanted hair from returning, leaving you with smoother skin. The new laser hair removal machines have suction and skin-cooling functions that help to reduce pain. During the procedure, your dermatologist will place the laser handpiece on your skin. The suction pulls your skin closer to the instrument and brings the targeted area closer to the laser radiation, killing and burning the follicle. The region being treated determines the length of your laser hair removal session. Following your treatment, you should notice an improvement in your skin. Since hair grows in cycles, you may require 2-6 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart to achieve the most significant results.

  •         Laser Tattoo Removal

About 25% of people regret their tattoos, and if you are part of that category, you might need laser tattoo removal. Lumos Dermatology uses the Cutera enlighten system, equipped with modern laser technology that removes your tattoo swiftly and safely. During your procedure, your dermatologist carefully targets the laser energy towards the pigments in your tattoo. The discomfort experienced during the process is minimal as anesthesia is rarely employed. The size of your tattoo determines the length of your appointment. The Lumos Dermatology team then provides your personalized treatment plan. You may experience some redness and swelling after your laser treatment, reduced with an ice pack. An antibiotic cream is prescribed to apply to your skin and sunblock to ease the healing process to lessen the chance of infection.

  •         Nail Problems

Is the color of your nails discolored? Have you been painting your nails in the hopes that they will go away? You could be suffering from a skin problem. Lumos Dermatology examines your nail issues, identifies the source of the problem, and devises the most effective treatment. During your consultation, dermatologists will review your symptoms, medical history, nails, and skin. The doctor may collect a sample of your nail or skin to determine which infection has caused your nail condition. The underlying reason decides the treatment for your nail condition. The physicians offer customized treatment plans based on your unique requirements. Treatment options include antibiotics to clear up an infection or therapy of any underlying health issues causing your nail problems. You are advised about proper nail care to prevent future nail problems.

Your skin facilitates the first impression of your looks that you leave on people’s minds. The best facility to take care of your skin is Lumos Dermatology, as their dermatologists are board-certified. Schedule a consultation with Lumos Dermatology for all your skin-related concerns by giving them a call or filling their online form today.

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