Who are you allowing to control your time? Many people I know always feel rushed or always wish they would take time to do things they enjoy but somehow feel pressured to keep themselves busy with things they do not enjoy. Lets start by thinking about how we are using our time and if this is adding to our overall well being. Do you spend time buying things you do not need? Think about all the money spent on personal hygiene. There is a ton of marketing put into making women believe we must get our nails done, must have our hair colored, must use perfume, lotion, shaving cream, face wash, makeup, etc. You can reduce stress by evaluating your To Do lists and just saying wait, is society just telling me I should do this to get me to spend money? Consumerism is a parasitic habitual pattern that we get sucked into without realizing it. We suddenly have no time when we allow our environment to condition us. It seems obvious when we think about it but so few people are bringing it up that it is very easy to get caught up in a buying frenzy that spreads like cancer into your schedule. That buying habit tricks you into believing you need a new outfit for every occasion and you need to continuously buy things to add to your home.
People are most happy when they are helping other people. The brief satisfaction that is derived from a compliment about your "lovely home" or your "new haircut" is no match to the long-term satisfaction derived from spending time thinking about who may need your support or who may need someone to listen to what is going on in their life. When we obsess over physical appearance the result is we attract relationships that are skin deep and usually unhealthy. You will be much happier if you start to realize the part you play in the relationships you are attracting to yourself. If you spend a significant amount of time purchasing products or services to improve your physical appearance, your ego is seeking gratification that you are beautiful and the person who feeds that will most likely step into your life but this type of relationship does not have a strong foundation. When we seek happiness outside of ourselves we are giving away our power. When we are consciously able to take control of our thoughts which will then allow us to control our actions and our TIME we realize that we do not need the compliments or adoration of others to feel complete. We can then attract relationships with people who have similar interests of being an honorable person and making a positive mark in the world. The ability to evaluate how you are spending your time is such a simple concept yet it offers you a much more peaceful existence.

Author's Bio: 

I have a Bachelor's in Environmental Studies and have studied holistic health by taking many classes, reading, and fostering relationships with people in the field. I have worked for alternative health companies on both coasts and advised people on preventive eating and lifestyle choices. I practice yoga and eat a mostly raw diet. I was healed by alternative methods twice in my life which is why I am so passionate about sharing the benefits and guiding people in their process. At the age of 14 my arm went numb and I developed chronic back pain which lasted two and a half years without relief. My kind family did everything they could to try to relieve my pain but after trying every type of doctor and procedure, the pain was no better. I was given a myriad of diagnosis and finally took a whole stack of medical records to a group of doctors who are highly esteemed. They put their hands up and said I would probably be in pain for the rest of my life, unable to lift things or bear the weight of childbirth. My sister happened to be in a book store and picked up Dr. John E. Sarno's book called Healing Back Pain: The Mind Body Connection. Two weeks later after applying the mental techniques of his book, I had retrained my brain not to feel back pain and have not experienced back pain for 10 years. My second alternative healing happened 5 years ago when I developed severe health problems for 9 months. I had severe pain in my stomach, my stomach was swollen and I experienced acid reflux, low energy, anxiety, intestinal bleeding, nausea and forgetfulness. I found out that I needed to eliminate gluten from my diet and all the symptoms disappeared. I empathize with people who do not feel well, having experienced chronic sickness. I have read many books on alternative healing by well reputed authors such as Deepak Chopra, Lynne McTaggart, Dr. Bruce Lipton, David Peat, Dr.Norman Cousins, Dr. Gabriel Cousins, Don Miguel Ruiz, Masaru Emoto, and many others. I have helped many people understand the science of the mind as well as preventive health options and they have told me their lives have been forever changed for the better. I do not claim to be a doctor and if you have a serious physical condition I suggest you seek medical advice in addition to alternative healing options to rule out anything that needs immediate attention. I am an artist and create healing artwork for people. I also have studied books on ancient cultures, reincarnation, and the journey of the soul. When Jesus spoke of the peace that passes all understanding, he was touching on the interconnectedness of all things, the energy we are a part of, and the eternal nature of the soul. I live minimalistic and do not own many things because I they offer no satisfaction compared to the joy of helping another. I am here to help people learn how to be grateful, smile more, and complain less. People always ask me why I am always smiling, I want to share my joy with others.