Have you started yet another diet so that you will be a slimmer and trimmer you by the end of this calendar year? Are you just a few weeks into the new diet and you are already starving and dreaming of that fast food burger and fries? If so, chances are you are not going about things in the best way. Losing weight isn’t about starving yourself. If you are starving yourself you are actually making weight loss more difficult than it needs to be.

Starvation is Not the Ticket to Weight Loss

We’ve all tried it, even if we don’t want to admit it. We have all starved ourselves, even if just a little bit, in an attempt to lose weight. The fact is that your body needs fuel to function and complete even the simplest tasks and if you aren’t eating you aren’t going to be able to function. When you don’t eat you communicate to your body that it needs to slow down its metabolism. When you are trying to lose weight you need to do everything you can to boost your metabolism and when you are starving yourself you are working against yourself!

Weight loss is all about getting right in your mind before you even think about how you will eat or what activities you will do. It’s about losing the negative thinking pattern that is hindering in your quest to lose weight and get fit. The first thing you need to do is decide that you want to lose weight. When the decision is made in your mind and you are committed to your plan, you can then move forward and consider how you will eat and what sort of activities you will do to try to burn more calories that will ultimately result in weight loss.

Simply taking food out of the equation is not the answer for weight loss that can be maintained long term. Once the commitment is made mentally and emotionally then an activity such as strength training combined with cardiovascular exercise and a balanced nutritional plan should be enough to help you lose weight, tone your body feel better and function at optimum level. Just make the decision now and you’ll be half way there.

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Avtar, formerly known as Nordine Zouareg, is highly regarded as an internationally acclaimed speaker, motivational coach and #1 Best Selling Author in the field of mind-body health, spirituality and personal empowerment. Avtar has almost three decades of experience traveling the globe and working directly with clients to identify and change the negative patterns that are preventing them from attaining optimum health and wellness. His impressive collection of international titles, awards and recognition are a direct reflection of his ability to overcome immense personal struggles and emerge with great success.

In addition to his deep understanding of how the mind works to influence the body and his beliefs in the benefits of balancing the body, mind and spirit, Nordine is the author of the bestselling book, MIND OVER BODY: The Key To Lasting Weight Loss Is All In Your Head! He also holds a Master's Degree in Physical Education, several International Coaching Certifications, and he speaks five languages. Avtar's personal passions are his two children, his spirituality, exercise, reading, cooking, travel, and helping people around the world understand how to incorporate the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of being to create a successfully balanced and fulfilling life.