A few steps forward and then you put on the brakes to look back and see if it is okay to keep moving forward…

Another few steps forward and then you put on the brakes again…

Imagine if you tried to get anywhere in a car by doing that…

Is it any wonder that you get nowhere fast?

Think about it!

There you are, at the driver’s seat in your own car and your life, for that matter and every 50 yards or so, you pull on the hand brake or push down on the foot brake because you are scared of going faster than 2 miles an hour!

I mean seriously!

This is no way to travel!

You tell me that you have a message, a calling…

There is music in you, there is a book in you that you want to release into the world…

Or maybe it is that revival you keep waiting for…

Those speeches you are planning to deliver to change the thinking of the nations…

That product you have the blueprint for…

Those houses you are hungry to develop…

Whatever it is…

And you keep putting the brakes on the creation of the thing!

I am not going to lie here, I am so talking to myself as well…  So I know how hard it can be to get something out of your heart and into living reality.  I know the fears you are facing because I have mine too and yet, here I am writing to you!  Getting my words out of my head and out into the ether, uncertain about how they will be received but refusing to care as I MUST SPEAK…

I am doing the music, I am writing the books, I am giving the speeches and I wish I was going a whole lot faster!

Because there is abundance within me and I want to share it with the world but I don’t share it just because I want to (ALTHOUGH I DO, I REALLY DO) but I share my abundance because I also want to inspire you into yours.

You do have something inside of you that needs to be released but you hold it so close to your chest and it is so attached to your self-worth and so instead of getting your stuff out into the world, you put the brakes on.

You do a little here and there…

You keep thinking that the fickle nature of man is a reason to dilly-dally…

You do not realise that you just have not reached your people yet because you took the initial reaction of the people who heard you as gospel.  When it is not!

And so what?!

So what that some people did not like what you are up to!


Stop worrying so much about what people think or say.  When it comes down to it, you feel the calling, you know the words spoken into your heart, and really the only thing that stops you, is your fear.

But can I tell you that, despite your fear, you can move forward!

DESPITE YOUR FEAR! because that is just a condition of the human race, why does it even have to stop you?

You know that you are called to more than this.

You know that you have a gift to deliver on the world…

YOU KNOW IT! and yet you hold back.  You keep putting your foot on the brakes… You keep pulling up the handbrakes – And so you stutter down the road until you halt completely.  But you think the problem is that you are supposed to wait for something, you think that the voice from heaven has not spoken yet, you get scared of looking into your heart incase you see that you are wanting…

And all those fears are just bogey men…

They do not exist!

You are the only one holding you back!

And it is time to take the limits off and get to creating the life you WANT! the life you choose to create!

The calling is on you, now move!

Is it songs?  Write them in abundance, get them produced, learn how to promote yourself (You can get my success resource, there is a whole section on my ‘make money now’ plan and my ‘In this for the long haul 90 minute’ plan – this will be a start) – Do concerts, invite everyone you know, ask them to invite others.  BEGIN!

Is it books?  Write them, start now, start in the middle, start at the end – JUST START WRITING! and again, learn to promote, build workshops on your books if you like or just get to writing the next one – Ditto get the success resource

Is it speaking, inspiring, empowering? – Start planning events now.  Do online and offline events, invite everyone you know and get to practising, get to doing it.  You have it in you, get to doing it.  Stop waiting for permission, stop waiting for acknowledgement, stop waiting for any other soul to commission you.  Just get to work and do the work and learn to promote you!  Yes, get the success resource!

Is it products?  Then put them out there.  Take pics of them and tell people about them.  They will not know about it until you tell them.  It is not enough to share your dreams of what you ‘WILL’ do sometime soon.  DO IT NOW!

Whatever it is, start creating those channels for the people you are called to serve to find you.

Get your ideas out into the world.  They are useless to anyone inside of your head.

Make it real and face the REAL fear you have that nothing you do will be that good.  AND GET OVER IT!

The only reason it is not working right now, is because you are not working it and you are putting on the brakes.

You may have started to do the work but you keep stalling…


Just stop it!

Get to work and stay in work!

Do not raise your head to look at result yet.  Do not open your ears to listen to those that doubt you and work hard on training yourself to only speak words of encouragement to yourself. This is your mission, there is no other path for you so why keep looking to see if there is some other thing you can do.  Be committed to your path. STAY ON THE NARROW PATH!

You are not a ‘norm’ – You recognise your calling and now you just need to put your head down and get to work serving people and fulfilling the calling on your life in the specific manner that you feel called to.

Yes, it is scary…

Yes, people will doubt you…

Yes, you will wonder if you are crazy!

And yet, you must MOVE!

You must fulfil the calling while there is breath in you!

The only question is ‘WILL YOU?”

WILL YOU, HONEY?  Will you!

Please say yes – The world awaits your awakening.


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