Is your cup 1/2 full or 1/2 empty. That is the conundrum every individual is wondering in this economy.

It’s not easy to keep yourself positive with so much negativity and change taking place in the USA and the world. But looking at the 1/2 empty glass just breeds more negativity. Look for the 1/2 full cup, and between all the bad news, there IS good stuff happening.

After three years of dealing with our countries financial mess, I realized recently that I too have succumbed to its’ negativity. It took working with a client this week to make me realize that she’s not the only person who could use an attitude adjustment. The good thing is that negative attitudes are meant to be changed. We can start the day again any time we want!

As I was listening to a client this week, I thought about what could I give her to do physically that could help her see some positiveness in all that’s going on in her life. In coaching it’s called "happy homework". What popped into my head was this: for the next two weeks, keep a glass on the window sill or counter 1/2 full. Look at it each day and when necessary give it more water.

She liked the concept and I look forward to what she’s learned about herself as she notices the water level getting low, filling it up, and watching it.

I took the challenge and my cup is on the counter next to my kitchen sink. I gave it more water today as I filled up the coffee pot. I challenge you to participate in the ATTITUDE CUP CHALLENGE. Seven days from now, post a comment HERE to let me know how’s it working for ya!

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