Stress kills a great sexual experience, on so many different levels, including, and maybe most importantly, in the mind. Brainwave entrainment is a clinically proven neurological tool that uses sound to coax dominant brainwaves into a specific frequency, that is conducive to remove stress, which then frees the mind and body enabling a better sexual experience.

Sex on Stress

· When you are stressed, your brainwave frequency is in high beta, and in this state, your brain releases too much of cortisol, a stress hormone. This hormone shuts everything down, literally, that doesn't have to do with your survival. Having great sex, in the brain's perception, does not have anything to do with your survival, so it is one of the first things to go.

· Your brain cells talk to each other and when stressed, hormones knock out the happy messengers, and you can become depressed. Depression sucks the life out of having sex.

· If you are in a constant state of stress, you cannot tune into your partner or even the moment, for that matter. You just won't "feel" the moment.

· While in this stressed state, ridiculous fears will arise, and you will start worrying about things like the appearance of your body... (you know what I mean-do you think she'll notice the birthmark on my butt kind of thoughts)... or your performance, or where your relationship is going. You'll start worrying about everything except what is at hand-a sexual experience.

· Because you are in this state, you attract that insecure thinking right back from your partner. More times than not, if you are stressed and not "in the moment", your partner won't be either and is probably just going through the motions (as are you, really).

· You will notice this and it will distress you. Your fight or flight response, from the limbic brain will go off.

· And then WAM, your body constricts your blood vessels (yes, your genitals have blood vessels), reducing blood flow everywhere except for the parts that you might need to run or fight. And you usually don't fight or run with your genitals. (FYI, a cockfight is a blood sport between two roosters).

· Erection and vaginal engorgement all go away.

· Sex is over.

Entrainment Gives Back Your Libido

· Brainwave entrainment will alter your brainwaves and take you out of the high-beta frequency. Once you have left this state, stress disappears and the brain releases hormones and opiates that make the mind happy. Worries disappear, and you feel great relief which leads to all kinds of good feelings. And if you train your brain to go to this "happy place", over time (about the time a habit take to form), this nice space will become your new default.

· When your brain is releasing endorphins, it heightens your ability to sense your body, and your partner,and the good emotions associated with your sexual experience.

· You'll almost feel psychic because you'll be able to pick up what emotions you and your partner are feeling.

· Everything about you, will pay attention to your sexual experience and by law of attraction, like attracting like, your partner will be paying attention, too.

· Because you'll be able to almost read your partner's mind, and know what it is they'd like to experience, you will become a better lover.

· And if you are a better lover, you'll have a better sexual experience, free from stress.

Brainwave entrainment can take the stress out of sex, release "good-feeling" hormones, and enable you to have a great sexual experience.

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Wanina Petlock is the founder of Waverider Emporiumand the developer of specially designed brainwave entrainment recordings, that are based on over 70 years of accumulated brainwave entrainment clinical research and investigation. She is a speaker and expert writer on brainwave entrainment and its endless uses for everyday living. Wanina works for a major Canadian Home Health company, specializing in end-of-life care, for which she has just won the “caregiver of the year” award. Wanina, also, a birth and death doula, uses brainwave entrainment, reiki, and energy medicine, as therapeutic aids in her practice. And in her down time, Wanina uses her intuitive skills, brainwave entrainment, and EVP to “ghost hunt”, and keep in touch with those who have passed on to the next adventure.
Wanina invites you to, to discover how easy it is to manifest, solve, and create, while releasing the power of your mind, using brainwave entrainment.