It's not easy running a business for a trade like a locksmithing. You have to look out for every aspect of your company and find where to make improvements. Everything from advertising to getting new employees can get complicated with how much competition there is out there. With this in mind, there are some key changes you can make to better your business and bring in more clients. Here are a few examples that you should start with.

Create a strong social media following

Word of mouth used to be the primary way locksmiths expanded their client base. A good referral meant more than a simple ad stapled onto a post. In today's interconnected world, the internet is a key part of business growth for just about every single industry, and that includes locksmithing. Social media has become a particularly effective driving force for referrals and business branding.
Every locksmith business should have an account on all the major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Creating content is a central part of attracting a following on social media. Add new articles, videos, and case studies on your website and mention them on your business's website. This will keep your audience engaged, and make it more likely that someone else will run into your company.

Keep it professional

There's no business out there that does not benefit from a little professionalism. Whenever you're out in the field, it's important to leave a good impression on customers. The best place to start would be with being punctual. If you've told the customer that you'll be somewhere at a specific time, be there. If there's not enough time or you can expect delays at a job site beforehand, you should take this into account when you schedule an appointment.
Politeness should also be implied with every job. Even if the customer is grumpy and impolite themselves, that doesn't mean that you should answer them with the same treatment. Instead, treat them with polite professionalism as much as possible. You never know what might have happened to them that day, so there's no reason to hold a grudge. After all, it's just business.

Provide customers with convenience

People can't predict when they'll have issues with their locks, whether it's their car or their house. In many situations, they'll be stuck panicking without a way to open a lock that's crucial to them. Because of this, locksmiths need to be available as soon as possible to resolve the issue. Those that provide quick and convenient services will end up on a customer's emergency contacts list pronto.
If you're looking to expand your business and get more clients, it's recommended that you be able to reach people whenever possible. Providing 24/7 emergency services is becoming the norm among many locksmith businesses. When clients are stuck outside of their car in the middle of the night, they'll look for an emergency mobile locksmith as quickly as they can dial on their phone. Offering this service would increase your customer pool significantly.

Organize employee workshops

If you have multiple employees in your business, you should encourage them to hone their skills. At times, they'll need to do complex jobs on a tight schedule, which means they need to know about all kinds of different locks and how to handle them. Building up their knowledge base and experience will help improve your brand's reputation.
Create workshops where employees will practice various skills that will help them in the field. The more they learn, the more they'll be able to help clients. With more experience, employees will be better representatives of your business. Making fewer mistakes and getting the job done quickly is the name of the game, and customers will take note of this when they think about who to call in a sticky situation.


There are plenty of ways to improve your locksmithing business and take it to the next level. You have to have a holistic approach to improvement and make major changes to achieve this, though. Analyze different parts of your business and see where extra work is needed. Start with the above examples and you'll see major improvements pretty quickly.

Author's Bio: 

Zac Walker is an Australian-based business consultant and part-time writer. He believes in "As long as there's a problem, there must be a solution".