You’re living in the most powerful time in consciousness.

A time when everything is being uprooted, exposed and upleveled (have you noticed - it’s cray-sauce out there?!).

Now, it’s time to take our romantic relationships to a Higher Love frequency too.

But have no fear — we’re going to do it in a far gentler manner.

Perform the following ritual to take your romantic love to a Higher Love, otherwise known as a 5th dimensional love, which is a love-based, unity-filled, spiritual partnership.

Below is a ritual to perform— solo or as a couple if your partner is open to sacred ritual:

**Create a sacred space for yourself with white sage burning, candles lit, soft music playing and you dressed in some of your most beautiful clothes. You may have fresh flowers or a plant present and fresh fruits on an altar in front of you.

**Call in your Higher Wisdom — Source, your Higher Self, and all of your Guides & Angels of the Highest Light. Call in the Beloveds of Jesus Christ & Mary Magdalene and any other Beloved couples that you resonate with.

**Then begin to pray for your partnership to align into a 5th dimensional, Higher Love, Sacred, Spiritual Partnership. The Highest Light Team talks more about this in our book Ecstatic Union with The Divine under the Live in Love section, with a specific transmission about the new paradigm of relationship that I’m talking about here. You may wish to read this transmission out loud during this ritual or silently to yourself if you have the book in ebook or paperback.

**Ask that your partnership expand and align into a 5th dimensional, Higher Love, Sacred, Spiritual Partnership. Ask that you and your partner create rituals and take aligned actions together that support your growth as individuals and as a couple, that you both support sustainability and care for this Divine Earth, that you both support organizations and ways of being with your cash-money that creates more of a spiritual consciousness in the collective.

**Ask that your partner open up to his/her emotions and feel them as you also do the same, ask that your partner opens up to understanding the true nature of this reality and that your partner lives from a place of Love, Peace, Prosperity, Joy and Miracle-consciousness; leaving fear, scarcity and survival based actions, decisions and behaviors behind as you also do the same. Ask that your heart opens more fully to your partner and that he/she’s heart opens more fully to you.

**Ask that your partner be blessed with Peace, Love, Prosperity, Joy and Miracles, and that if it serves Divine Will for you two to continue together on this path living as Love, Peace, Prosperity, Joy and Miracles that it flows with ease and grace.

**Then ask that you release all attachments to how this manifests and allow the Divine unfolding for what wishes to occur to occur with ease, grace and abundance in alignment with the Highest Divine Will.

**Thank your Higher Wisdom and all of the Beloveds that you called into this space for their support.

**Meditate for 11 minutes to anchor in these prayers, silently or with 432hz music in the background (easily found on YouTube with a simple search).

**Sage yourself from head to toe after this. If doing the ritual together — sage each other front and back, head to toe. This releases any conscious and unconscious resistances to the prayer and requests.

**Take a two-to-three-cup sea salt bath after this (together is ideal if possible) to further cleanse your energy field of any resistances or fears that arose as you performed this ritual.

If you did this ritual solo, ask your Higher Wisdom (your Higher Self, Higher Power & Guides & Angels of the Highest Light) to guide you to the appropriate time to have a conversation with your partner about experiencing a Higher, 5th dimensional love together.

You’ll want to make sure you have called in your Higher Wisdom to this conversation and have white sage burning before or after and have set the environment to be one of love and sacredness. Think candles and incense burning, low lighting and a warm, cozy atmosphere.

Below is some language you can use to open this space up for your partner. It’s important you tailor this for your particular situation knowing your partner in the way that only you do.

“As you know my Love, our world and the collective consciousness is going through a powerful shift at this time. All of us are being asked to step up and live more fully as who we really are in Love, Peace, Prosperity and Joy. I want that for us, our partnership and for you and I as individuals. I definitely feel this is something we can become stronger in so that all aspects of our lives are coming from a deeper foundation of spiritual alignment in Love, Peace, Prosperity and Joy. What do you think are some ways we can strengthen this for ourselves individually and as a couple?”

Open the space for your partner to think about this topic in a new way and offer his/her suggestions.

If your partner is very much rooted in 3D consciousness (which is based in only the physical as “real,” and is survival/fear based), you’ll want to invite him / her into therapy as a way to become aware of and comfortable with his/her emotions and intuitions.

If your partner is more rooted in 4D reality (like the “new age”, which is a more awake consciousness and is well-versed in psychotherapy) but has gotten stuck in a green juice-yoga-attending- “spiritual” or therapeutic-events-cycle and yet is not actually living from a spiritual consciousness, you’ll want to invite him/her to begin working with a spiritual mentor or counselor who can support him/her in not just talking the talk but actually living from the foundations of sacred spirituality — which is Love, Peace, Prosperity, Joy and Miracle consciousness.

Then, when it feels appropriate, you can add, “I’m fully committed to living in co-creation with my spiritual connection (again, use whatever words your partner will most resonate with) and living from a foundation where every decision and action I take is rooted in Peace, Love, Prosperity, Joy and Miracle consciousness. Would you be willing to join me in this more fully by implementing what we’ve discussed here?”

Since 2016, you and I have been working individually and collectively to let go of limiting paradigms of male-dominant/female-subservient 3D relating as well as the drama of Twin Flame unions and other 4D concepts that do not allow the full blossoming of a Higher Love, 5th dimensional, sacred, spiritual partnership.

This ritual will help you to further shift out of the old relationship paradigms and into the new, Divine, Higher Love paradigm that is here for you, and for all willing hearts.

May you and your relationship be blessed in Higher, 5th dimensional, Sacred Love, lasting partnership and be filled with Spirit — Peace, Love, Prosperity, Joy and Miracles from this expanded understanding and ritual.

And so it is. It is so.

Author's Bio: 

Heather Kristian Strang is a bestselling author and spiritual guide. She has written eight books, including her recent book, Love Now: Your Daily Dose of Love & Miracles and her spiritual romance The Quest series endorsed by New York Times bestselling author Gabrielle Bernstein. She has been featured on Bustle, The Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, Thrive Global, Elite Daily and many more. Kristian has also facilitated metaphysical healings, trainings and meditations for thousands of women, couples and families worldwide. She currently supports women in living their most Spirit-Led, Love-fueled, abundant life – in body, mind & Spirit. Get a free Love Meditation here: