During this month of August, I want to emphasize that the A in August stands for ACTION. I have been called upon to take action and I have been expanding quickly and acting on many new and exciting opportunities brought to me. Now, I want you to take ACTION, too.

This month, we are being guided to put our emotions, desires and passion into Action. If you look at the word E-motion, it means energy-in-motion. The first half of 2007, we were releasing cellular memory and blocks that were very old. These blocks had themes that affected our daily lives. We are encouraged to look at our life. Are you experiencing a wonderful partnership, a fulfilling career that you're passionate about and great wealth? Do you have an abundance of joy, peace and money? Do you feel like you are an ever-expanding piece of Creator? If not, you can look and see where you can change your life dramatically. We are being asked "to open the door of our worst nightmares." Those nightmare-ish thoughts that we all experience from time to time can be scary. For example, people have asked me, "where is my soul-mate?" When I look into their energy fields, I consistently clairvoyantly see the blocks that create an "energetic fog" that covers their heart's desires. In this case, it's a soul-mate and that "energetic fog" keeps them in a state of disempowerment and they continue to wait for their soul-mate.

Any time we find ourselves searching, wanting and hoping for our heart's desires outside of our energy field, we are energetically becoming out of alignment with the Creator. When we are out of alignment, we can't manifest our soul-mate, that fulfilling job, money or health because we are looking outside of ourselves and not claiming our Divine Birthright. It's our birthright to co-create our wildest dream. When we look into our worst nightmare thoughts and think my soul-mate will never find me, I am stuck in this dead end job, relationship, etc., we start to change the energy of our ”worst nightmare thought.”

By directing our attention to our disempowering thoughts, we immediately start to change the frequency of your energy field. By doing that, it creates more room to replace the disempowering thoughts to “charge” an empowered life and allowing us to re-direct our energy, when we recognize we are out of alignment. The more we practice and hold the energetic posture of a Master, a piece of the Creator, the faster we recognize when we are out of alignment or feel unplugged from the Creator. We then take action by realizing that it is our responsibility to re-align ourselves. For example, when you wake up in the morning, you recite your affirmations and align yourself, but when you get to work to find everyone complaining about their jobs, spouses, lives, etc, you find yourself joining the conversation with your own complaints. By contributing, whether or not you sincerely mean it, you just unplugged from the Creator.

As a piece of the Creator, you need to realize and recognize that you have to take responsibility for the energy going in and around you. Think garbage in, garbage out. Or better yet. Love in, Love out. As we take action, we become what I call the word or thought police. Recognize and take accountability for your own energy. We become mindful about your energy maintenance. We have been encouraged by the Masters for eons to accept our Divine Birthright and by doing so, our energy fields will "hold' more light and love. This light assists us in unplugging from our disempowering themes and stories. When we take action, we become the Master. Every Master co-creates miraculous things with the Creator. So, be the Master, whatever that means to you. Radiate out that Love frequency and then you will immediately the Love frequency, thereby allowing you to manifest your wildest dreams.

Speaking of wildest dreams, when my guides showed me glimpses of what my life would look like when I held the Master posture, I was speechless. I clairvoyantly "saw" myself on a stage in front of thousands of people unplugging from their disempowering lives. I didn’t know the details. I had to allow, surrender, trust, re-align and take action, over and over and over again. It is clear to me that when we do step into our Mastery, the Creator never fails to show up for support and magnetically bring in the “right” people to help manifest your dreams.

We, at Kerrie O'Connor, LLC are continuing to expand. I am hosting three new radio shows, the first to begin next week. I will continue to offer on-air readings and end every show with a new channeled message from Spirit. We welcome your calls and questions. The popular Mediumship workshop has grown into a full day workshop. You'll learn more tools and have more practice group and then I'll give readings. I am often asked by many how to open their intuition and how to protect themselves from negative energy. I have created a new workshop called Twelve Steps to En ”Lighten” ment to address these and many related questions. I always frequently refer to energy exercises and practice. So, we will teach, play and practice. There will also be a Q & A. To further ingrain the importance of taking action, we will be offering another free tele-class on releasing from old, resistant themes and patterns.

I send expanding love to each and every one of you. We are all in this awakening period together. So, let's remember to empower each other.

Namaste, Kerrie

Author's Bio: 

Internationally known Master Intuitive, Kerrie O'Connor has the amazing ability to energetically read your unique energy field and like a tuning fork, help raise your vibrational levels so that you can attract what you truly desire in life. Kerrie's powerful lifelong connection to Spirit has honed her extraordinary intuitive abilities which she is dedicated to using to help humanity remember and re-awaken to their Divine Heritage and Empowerment.