We all know what HR stands for. Every company has one, big or small. Whenever there is a problem or concern, the HR department will address the issue and create a solution. So what if we are talking about ourselves? Would if we have an issue that stems from us internally and does not require outsourcing to an HR department? Many of us do not have an on-call HR department to access when there is an immediate problem which has arisen in our lives. In a past article submission titled, “How Bad Do You Want Change?”, I discussed the other meaning of HR. That is, Habitual Repetition.

Most, if not all, challenges we face in our individual lives can be traced back to ourselves. We can always, in retrospect, tell ourselves what we could have said or done differently, regardless of the situation. The purpose for this discussion is not about the small percentage of issues in our lives that are completely out of our control. We are in control of our lives and directly responsible for the outcomes. This is our role of taking responsibility and not playing victim to our circumstances.

Habitual repetition simply means we are what we do over and over again. That is it. We are what we continually do on a daily basis. If we always first look to finger point and play victim, as opposed to taking responsibility, then we will continue to get more of what we are breeding. Most of the people I speak with on a day to day basis get this and understand this, but don’t reflect enough on its omnipotence. We first need to recognize deep to its core that we are both the problem and solution to all of our contingencies. The sooner we truly recognize, then the sooner we can begin to see more predictable outcomes in our lives, without the help from some outside HR department, but rather our own internal HR.

Be consistent, which will create habits forming exactly what you intend to in your life. It can begin as easy as getting up each morning with a smile. As many of you know, I often use the term, “make it the best day ever”. I don’t wait until the end of the day to say that, or reflect at the end of each day to determine whether or not it was. It is just a way I start my day, and you can to.


Author's Bio: 

My name is Scott Coletti, a physician, author, and internet entrepreneur. I am a Leader in the Plan-B-Pros and Life Path Unlimited Industry. I assist those who want to lead as well. I am married with four beautiful and healthy children and reside in Belleair, Florida.