Taking ACCOUNTABILITY for Our Life Experience

Accountability is a word that can trigger immediate feelings of being scolded, yet if we actively reframe the definition of that word in a more expansive way, it can be very empowering. The word accountability actually has two words buried within it – the word account and the word ability. Here is a broader definition for the word accountability -

“Accountability: Our ability to account for why we are experiencing life as we are in the present moment.”

When we choose to take full accountability and responsibility for what we’re attracting into our experience or repelling from our experience, we hold the symbolic key to success-full manifestation in the palm of our hands. With an honest evaluation of our current situation in life, we may not like what we discover. Even if that’s the case, we simply have to own it and recognize our ability to change it, if necessary. Everything that we’ve been attracting into our experience is a direct reflection and result of the energetic vibration we’ve been sending out.

When we practice the art of taking deliberate positive action and we choose to take full responsibility for what we’re creating, we will have tapped into the authentic, expansive meaning of the word accountability.
Blame and Excuses Are the Hallmarks of an Unsuccessful Life

If you notice yourself feeling that everything is someone else’s fault, or that every problem is explained away with reasons about why you CAN’T affect the situation or the outcome, you might be severely limiting your ability to create a successful life for yourself.

Recognizing the presence of a limiting, self sabotaging pattern of “not my fault” living can be the first step in making a shift into account-able living. Realizing the power in taking responsibility for our choices, actions, and direction is extremely important in our day to day lives. Without taking responsibility, it is very likely that we will look at our lives as failures because we allowed ourselves to be affected by external influences. We then blame those external forces for how things turned out for us instead of taking responsibility (from within) with regard to directing our experience from the inside-out.

Those who take complete responsibility for their lives experience joy and control over their circumstances. They are able to make choices because they understand that they are responsible and accountable for their choices. Even if events are out of our control or go awry, we can, at the very least, determine how we will respond to the event. We can see an event as a disaster or we can use it as an opportunity to learn, to grow, to cherish our personal power, and to expand our spiritual wings.


The most important aspect of taking accountability for our life is to acknowledge that our life is OUR responsibility. No one can live our life for us. We are in charge. No matter how hard we try to blame others for the events in our life, each event is the result of the choices we’ve made and are currently making. As we actively choose to listen to the small yet powerful voice from within and begin to observe ourselves speaking with coworkers, family members, and friends, we might recognize that we’re giving our power away by hearing ourselves repeatedly placing blame on others.

Some tips for shifting from blame into accountability:

* Listen to the voice in your head. Eliminate blame. Eliminate excuses. If the blame game or the excuse pattern of reacting plays repeatedly in your mind, begin to actively shift into an energetic space that involves taking responsibility for your decisions and your life.

* Listen to yourself when you speak. In your conversation, do you hear yourself blame others for things that don’t go exactly as you want? Do you find yourself pointing fingers at your coworkers, your upbringing, your parent’s influence, the amount of money that you make, or your partner? Are you making excuses for goals unmet or tasks that missed their deadlines? If you can hear your blaming patterns, you can stop them. You can begin right now.

* If an individual you respect offers you feedback that alerts you to the fact that you make excuses and blame others for your woes, take the feedback seriously. Look within and do some soul searching. Begin to control your defensive pattern of reacting by shifting into a positive pattern of conscious responding and explore new ways to deepen your understanding with your partner, coworkers, and friends with a renewed sense of compassion.

* The next time you catch yourself making an excuse, whether it’s for a late project, an unmet goal, an unfulfilling job, or an unfulfilling life, gently remind yourself – “NO EXCUSES.” Instead, spend your thought time focusing on your next successful venture. Choose to make positive thinking a habit, and remember that excuses only fuel a sense of failure.

Excuses for failure, excuses about our choices in life, excuses about what we feel we’ve accomplished (or not accomplished) only fuel dysfunctional thinking – and consequently, undesirable actions and behaviors. Making excuses instead of taking one hundred percent accountability and responsibility for our actions, our thoughts, and our goals is the hallmark of people who block themselves from success and joy.

What will you choose for yourself? Will you begin to actively pave the way for success and happiness? It’s your choice. Choose deliberately and wisely. You deserve it.

With love and gratitude,

Cari Murphy

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