The recent lockdown due to the arrival of global pandemic not only stagnated the normal life throughout the entire world, but also delayed lots of activities that would have been accomplished strictly on their due date. Let us for instance talk about the MOT and service of your car, it is believed that there must be thousands of people UK who must be having the due dates of their car’s servicing and MOT during the lockdown period, if you are also one of them and concerned about the same, then below are some points that will help you in offering some kind of relaxation.
1. Extension of MOT: It would be interesting to know that going through the lockdown situation in the entire country, the government had passed a notification according to which the cars which had MOT due during the period of lockdown can be done during the next six-months without making any delay. Similarly, the cars which had their service due during the same period can also get be serviced within the next six-months. That means now you can visit to any of the clutch repairs centre in Birmingham to rectify the issue. Here, one thing which needs to be mentioned importantly is that if the MOT of your car expired before the notification by the government then you should get it undergo the MOT before driving it again. In case, if you keep on driving then you might be fined accordingly.

2. Should you take your car immediately for servicing: As you have not driven the car for almost three months, it is better to make sure that your vehicle is in good condition for driving, because the vehicles that are not driven for the long time suffer from the issues like flat tyres, discharged battery, low fuel, and many more. It is therefore recommended to get your car serviced at the earliest, as doing this will let all the components checked properly and protect you from the extra expenses that you would have to pay for driving without its service. Moreover, doing this will offer you the peace of mind that there is no major damage to your vehicle due to lockdown.

3. Will it be safe to take vehicle for MOT or servicing centre: Although, the registered MOT centres and car servicing centres have executed their operations on a regular basis from June 1, 2020, but they are providing these services on appointment basis. Thus, before going to any of these centres, you should take an appointment. You will be happy to know that these centres are operating according to the government instructions following all the safety measures for their staff and clients.

4. What is the best time to book for MOT: An answer to this question in simple words is that at the earliest, because if you delay then there are chances that you might be punished for driving the car without MOT.

So, now as lockdown is over and people are turning to normalcy it is time to look after your car so that it also starts entertaining like earlier.

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So, now as lockdown is over and people are turning to normalcy it is time to look after your car so that it also starts entertaining like earlier.