Who does not love the idea of having shiny and frizz-free hair, especially around this time, before Christmas? Of course, you want everyone to look at you and say, "wow! such a nice hair this Sheila has got!" Ya! That will sound like a compliment.

So, what you have to do to make this happen in reality? First of all, quit the though applying a hair serum and getting a sleek hair for the rest of the days as it ain’t going to happen.

Or, the shampoos are not going to give you any permanent solution, either! On this note, going for keratin treatment is the best option available here. It actually turns your hair frizz-free for an extended time and gives you a smooth as well as shiny look.

You have enough time before Christmas till now. So, if you choose to go for the treatment right now when the rush is not still down, your hair will look great during December end, that is Christmas. But, it will happen under one condition, and that is aftercare.

You are meant to follow a few aftercare rules after you are done with your keratin straightening treatment in Butler. Well, no worries! You don't have to feel panicked for that. The rules, instead the hacks are quite simple to follow. Here they are in the following section. Give a good read and unravel all the secrets right away.

Rule 1: Ditch all the Cheap Shampoo Brands

Ya! It's time to give a makeover to your bathing product wardrobe. Those cheap shampoos have already ruined your hairline, and you cannot let it go on after you have got your treatment done. So, ask the experts about making some recommendations about the shampoo that you are going to be used.

A specific note for you here:Most of the women tend to use clarifying shampoos before the keratin treatment. It’s actually good to do so as it removes all the residues from your hair. But, at the same time, if you keep on doing so post-treatment, the clarifying shampoo is going to absorb all the keratin. Of course, all the shine of your hair will go away.

Rule 2: Avoid Being Touchy

Well, when you have finally got silky, smooth and straightened up hair texture, you will probably love to touch it again and again. But, this is eventually a bad practice after getting your hair keratin treated. Touching makes the grease, oil and dirt in your hand to settle on your hair and that is not good for you.

Rule 3: Clips, Headbands, Sunglasses - NO Place for these on your Hair

If you decide to take and follow the advice of your professional hairdresser in Clarkson, they will suggest you keep aside all your clips and headbands for a while to safeguard your hair.

Using these hairdressing elements can actually help in making your hair curl, and that is serious damage. Again, you should avoid pushing your hair back with the help of sunglasses too as it also creates waves and curls.

So, in a nutshell, if you don’t want your money to go down the gurgler after the keratin treatment is done, follow these simple yet effective rules and look a true beauty during Christmas.

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The author is a reputed professional hairdresser in Clarksonand carried out keratin straightening treatment in Butler successfully for a lot of customers.