Our minds are our most precious possession and what what we do with it in every instant has a significant impact on creating your vision and how you feel about yourself. Last month I suggested that you make a list of your desires. It is wonderful to know what it is you desire to create, experience, and have in your life for it means you are deciding and choosing your life vs. getting life by default.

Once you know what you desire then decide to take decisive
action. That means make a decision about what you need to do to bring this experience that you are thinking about into form and follow through on it. This may mean making a decision to shift a limiting belief and accept a belief that is loving and supportive for you. It may mean doing something that is kind, loving, and constructive for yourself. It may mean deciding to let go of something that is not serving your highest and best good.

You are a creative channel for an unlimited intelligence
that is always operating through you. How you use this intelligence is up to you. We are the cause in our life and everything that we think, say, feel, and do has an effect in our life. The more we focus on taking decisive action that supports us in living our best life we will begin to create a healthy loving patterns that supports us in experiencing our desires and dreams.

I believe that any negative pattern/belief can be changed at any time if we so desire. Our mind is not inflexible, it is a Creative Intelligence that is always moving forward and evolving. This Creative Intelligence is not trying to go back. The Universe does not create from precedence. It is us as human beings with the belief that our history defines us and therefore unworthy of our dreams.

This month I invite you to take conscious decisive action
steps for your dreams. Make a list of your action steps and just take note if any limiting beliefs show up and prevent you from taking action. Then decide if that belief is truly serving your highest and best good. If not, replace it with a believe that is more serving of yourself. Then put the belief into an affirmation beginning with "I AM...". I suggest that you speak your affirmation out loud first thing in the morning, breathe the affirmation into your body and then connect to what this feels like for you. Do this everyday for 30 days and you will create a new positive pattern of belief. I call this an activation affirmation! Of course the more you focus on this affirmation the faster it becomes your reality.

"Your destiny depends entirely on your own mental
conduct. It is the thoughts that you allow yourself to dwell upon all day long
that makes your mentality what it is and circumstances are made by your
mentality." ~Emmet Fox

Author's Bio: 

Helen Valleau is an Author, Speaker, Coach and Visioning expert. She has inspired thousands of visions to come to life and has created a program and book called A year of possibilities to offer a variety of ways that people can work with her to achieve their dreams.