One of the best career moves you could make today is getting a project management certificate. Whether you are eyeing for a promotion, aiming for a career switch or seeking an entirely fresh profession, the training is worth taking. Not surprisingly, what was once included in certain positions’ list of tasks is now an entirely separate profession. Project management has gone a long way as a distinct career path and people who are in this job can attest to the challenging environment and amazing rewards it can offer.

Thanks to a robust global economy, project management developed into a system that many companies can’t do without. Dividing company goals and deliverables into smaller, more manageable projects headed by a project leader or manager became a trend in every industry particularly in information technology, sales, construction and real estate. In fact, various government departments have adopted the system too. As project management grows as a profession, what can current and aspiring project managers look forward to?

First, expect that formal project management studies and certifications will become more and more crucial in the process of selecting new project managers. Project management positions are more specific in their requirements nowadays and hiring managers are always looking for ways to trim down the list of applicants. Considering these factors, you will fare better in the first round if you have a project management diploma, given by a credible course provider, to back you up.

Another thing you could anticipate in this area is the growing need for experienced project managers who can lead other project managers as well as those who can effectively screen and train the new kids on the block. Surely, you want to go up a notch in the future and the best way to do this is to show that you can assess other people’s competency in managing projects. This role may include attracting the best people for the job to apply in your company as well as gauging their performance in past projects through interviews.

Lastly, project management is slated for more fame and rapid growth in the coming years. We are not talking about a few countries here but a huge fraction of the globe due to off-shoring. So if you’ve just completed your studies, whether that sounds like high school or college to you, it will be smart to take project management courses before writing your resume. It will not only be of help when competition starts to heat up, it will also become an advantage when seeking opportunities in other parts of the world.

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