We are always waiting for things to resolve, for things to change "outside" of ourselves. In reality, when we are at Peace, everything and everybody does change.

Everything and everybody are just our memories. As we experience turmoil, fear and anxiety, we can clean with those memories. We can let them go, knowing they are just memories playing. As you erase memories, they are erased from everyone else. So, again, you find peace of mind when you take 100% responsibility.

You know that as you let go of whatever is not you, you can find that peace of being yourself, of knowing better. When you awake, you will be more conscious. You will be able to observe without attachments. When you experience truth, your experiences will be totally different.

As you start cleaning and letting go of everything that is not you, you will be able to appreciate life in a different way. You will find yourself observing more in a completely different way. You will notice trees, falling leaves and the ocean in ways you have never seen them before. You will realize you have been blind all this time.

You will find more peace when you are able to observe instead of engage and react. When you let go of memories, you will see how God sees. Have the courage not to react with opinions and judgments every time something comes up.

One thing you need to keep in mind in order to be at peace is that it is not in people's nature to kill, to do wrong, to do harm to others. These actions are just memories playing and people cannot help acting on memories.

When somebody does something you don't like, you must be conscious yourself, observe, and know they are not themselves at that moment. It is just the memories playing. If you can take 100% responsibility that the other one is just your memories and be willing to clean, whatever comes off you, will come off them.

Most of our problems come from our ancestors and most of what is happening right now in the world is all memories. The world is run by information from memories.

Imagine what would happen in the world if people stopped seeing themselves as victims, stop blaming others, stopped thinking they know they are right? It's just part of being ignorant and asleep, of not knowing who we are.

Imagine what would happen if everyone took 100% responsibility?

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