We take ourselves seriously all time, but in misaligned directions away from our success. A misaligned direction is any one that leads away from our success, and toward our upset. Any energy other than that which is devoted toward our being successful, is misaligned energy. And misaligned energy cannot be used for getting us what we want, if what we want is success!

Let's start at the beginning. All of us have a finite amount of energy at our disposal at any one moment in time, because that's the amount at any one time that we are willing to let in, from Infinite Source, which is always offering us the only thing It is: Limitless energy! Given that that's how we are hard wired, I suppose it's part of the plan for our growth process, but that's just a guess, then it just might work well for us to learn how to best use whatever energy we are in any one moment willing to allow in!

We best use any energy we are willing to allow in, through alignment. Alignment of energy means to have all of our energy, or at least, as much of it was we can align, all going in the same direction. This process doesn't have to be perfect, all we have to do is to align as much of our energy as we can, day by day, in the direction we desire it to be used in. If success is what we want, then that direction would be in the direction of exactly that: our success. Whatever that success is or looks like for any one of us, well, that's up to each of us individually to say. It's your success, after all.

One of the most effective means to gather up our energy so that we can align it all in the direction we desire it to go in is to give up self-importance. Self-importance is to take ourselves seriously, but in a misaligned-with-our-success goals way. Self-importance requires us to be upset over any and all circumstances that happen in our lives. The driver in front of me, my mother-in-law, the economy, the government, friends, foes, enemies, loud music, what he said, what she said about me, what he did to me, what they did to me in the past, I think you get the picture. And it's not that any and all of these things might not have triggered anger or upset in you in the first place, they might have. And it's not that any and all of these things might be things that you will never like. But so what? What does reminding yourself through upset, over time, ever do for you, but send your energy off in directions away from your success, and toward more upset? So it's okay to get upset momentarily, we all do that, but to continue that upset for years and years? Grow up! We all have to, all of us. That's if we desire to be successful. Mommy isn't yelling at us anymore, and it's highly likely that she will never do so again, not like when we were three. It's over, so get over it.

Another point about taking ourselves seriously in the wrong direction, or any directions counter to our success, is that most of us are in denial. We are in denial that there are six billion other beings on this planet, all with opinions, hopes, dreams, pains, and frustrations, along with joys and happiness. How is it that we feel that we have the right to make others wrong for their choices in the way they live their lives, as long as they are not hurting anyone, as if our opinions were not one out of six billion! Six billion! Think about that! We are also in denial about out own impending deaths, using technology as the hope trigger, as if it were going to "one day" save us from the inevitable, so therefore we have all the time in the world to complain, to judge, or to be angry. We don't! How about taking our joy, our kindness, and our contribution to others, our family, and ourselves, seriously. That's when instead of upset, our energy is devoted to making the world around us, the only world we'll ever live in by the way, a better place to live in for all of us. More joyful, more comfortable, and more shiny and bright, a place where the lives and loves all around us just glow from our love. No more waiting for them to take care of things, not when we're taking care of things. And it's like Mother Teresa said, "If you want to make a difference, just look out at the first person who needs your help, and help them." Apparently going into Sainthood is as easy and as simple as that! Especially when we are all such Saints, the moment we reach out to ourselves, our families, or to an other, with our love. And all we have to do, is just do it!

Making others wrong, making judgments, criticizing, being sarcastic, being angry or frustrated, complaining, whining, and being the victim where someone somewhere did something to you and you are pissed off about it, and it's been longer than five minutes, are all indications that you are in the victim mode. Things happen, we may not like them, we may never like them, but the one thing that is constant and powerful for us no matter what circumstances or predicaments we are in, is that we have and always have had, complete control of our reactions to those circumstances or predicaments, perhaps not in the moment, every moment, but certainly over time we do. Control that through the wise use of, may or may not impact those circumstances, may or may not impact whether we like them ever, or not, but certainly a control that always has impacted the very quality of our lives. And it's that "very quality" of our lives, that I'm most interested in here. Because when we give it up, let it go, and allow as much of our energy to be devoted to our success, rather than to our upsets, then watch out! That's when the sheer manifestations, means, and methods, for your success, will come to you so fast, that you just may have to slow down at times just to absorb what you have created! Isn't that great!

The point is, we do take ourselves seriously, but often in a misaligned direction. Rather than taking ourselves seriously through upset, and finding out about "what's wrong" as displayed on the nightly news, how about giving up watching the news permanently, and instead, focus on "what's right" about our lives. The sheer joy, the sheer success, aligning our energy in this way will provide for you can't be overstated. All manner of miracles and manifestations of wealth, love, right relationship, money, avocation, and career, come to the forefront, because now you will be focused upon them! And the greatest irony of all is that now that you are so successful, guess what happens? With all that money, wealth, relationship, and newfound power, there is nothing else to do with it once your life is so completely fulfilled and taken care of, but to contribute to others. And the means and methods for that contributing are as many as there are people in the world. So there goes the argument that you have to "watch the news to keep up with things" right out the window. It looks like when you keep up with things, and those things are that which lead to your success, it's going to be you who are making the news, and you who are making the difference in the world! Not just watching it and getting upset, but making the news, making a difference, and making your world a better place. Now that's an alignment of energy that I can live with! And that's also a world that works for everyone, with no one, and no thing left out. Welcome to our world! Here it is, and it all starts in taking yourself seriously in the right direction, that of your joy, and your success, and in turn, to the joy and success of the whole world around you. You go!

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TB Wright is the coursework creator of The One Penny Millionaire!(tm) online seminar series devoted to your success, that takes place in your email over the course of thirty weeks. www.onepennymillionaire.com