The time has come for us to take responsibility for our lives. Let's put it this way, even if we do not take the responsibility, we are still responsible so we might as well step up to the plate now and realize that everything that happens to us in our personal lives, our country, our world and our universe is, in some part, created by us. Our thoughts, actions and beliefs are continuously transmitted into the sea of consciousness, stirred up and used in the recipe that is the creative substance of life.

What you receive back from the universe includes what you have previously sent out; therefore you are getting what you have given, so it is very important to monitor what you are creating. It is this sea of consciousness, which holds infinite intelligence, that everything is connected and affected.

We are multi-dimensional beings, meaning that what you see is not what you get. You do not exist only on the third dimensional level of life on earth that you call reality. It is not really reality, but only a part of an ever changing reality in which you participate on many levels which are not perceptible to our conscious minds; they can, however, be known in other ways.

Imagination, daydreaming and connecting telepathically to other realities and possibilities are the first steps to becoming aware of other aspects of your being. Now would be a good time to start opening your heart to the rest of you. Yes, it is necessary to begin thinking with your heart if you wish to expand to higher levels, because you brain can only process what it knows, not what it does not. Your heart is open to all aspects of your being and can feel and sense vibrations it has not known as it operates on trust and doesn't automatically shut off to the unknown.

Learn to connect to things telepathically, practice in simple ways, such as looking at a picture of a flower and smelling it or thinking of what you desire to attract into your life and connecting with the vibration of it now. It already exists on some level, so make the conscious connection so it can manifest in your life.

Enjoy the summer, get out into nature and feel the sun on your skin, absorbing the vitamin D into your body. From the sun we receive cosmic codes that are useful to our evolutionary process. Treat yourself well; listen to your feelings and do what is good for you, not just what everyone is doing. Believe in yourself as a perfect creation of the universe. Be proud to be an earthly being, sprung from the love of the mother and love every aspect of your life.

Author's Bio: 

Wendy St. Germain is the author of “Do You Want to Be Happy NOW?” and numerous articles on conscious human evolution, happiness and Reiki. She is a Karuna Reiki® Master, Merkeba Reiki Master and developer of the Merkeba System of Reiki. After leaving her career as a college English instructor, she moved to Belize where she lived for 15 years, learning the herbal and spiritual practices of the local population and authoring a Belizean cookbook. It was there her writing career was born. Currently Wendy works in computer software, is on the Board AHANJ (Association of Higher Awareness), teaches Reiki and is involved in cutting edge evolutionary projects in NJ. Her next non-fiction book and novel are due for publication in early 2010.