Goa is a beautiful place, surrounding lush green sceneries and beaches. There is a lot of mountains and waterfalls in Goa. Dudhsagar Falls is one of the highest in India, with a length of about 600 meters. Translated from Marathi, "Dudhsagar" means "milk ocean". It got such a poetic name due to the beautiful milky-white color of the water. The peculiarity of the waterfall is that it is not vertical, the height from which it falls is small, but due to its length, it creates an exciting and impressive sight. At the foot of Dudhsagar, there is a small lake with cool crystal-clear water, in which tourists can swim, and then, walking along the shore, feed the local residents - monkeys with nuts or bananas.

This waterfall is quite quiet, you won't hear it for several hundred meters. Dudhsagar has long gained popularity among local residents; many legends are associated with it. One of them says that newlyweds who bathed in the milky waters of Dudhsagar will find eternal love, family happiness, and healthy children. The falls are surrounded by lush green vegetation, where you can enjoy the magnificent scenery and take vivid photos.

The name of this natural attraction in Goa means "Sea of ​​Milk" and is associated with a very beautiful legend about the princess. The young beauty was swimming in a waterfall, and one day a young prince saw her. To cover her naked body a little and hide from shame, the girl poured a jug of milk into the water, and it became opaque for a while.

Now all tourists in the footsteps of the legendary princess also strive to swim in the transparent water of the pool, which is located at the foot of the waterfall. Coldwater will be a great "hydromassage" for your tanned shoulders. Feeding monkeys is also considered a traditional pastime. In addition to the waterfall, you can see the railway bridge, which has been preserved since the time of British colonization and is still used for train traffic.

Arvalem Falls is located near the town of Arvalem in the famous resort state of Goa, India. This is the most beautiful natural attraction in Goa, enjoying unprecedented popularity among tourists. The waterfall has a cascade shape, its height exceeds 50 meters, it is the second-highest waterfall in Goa. It flows into a picturesque lake between the rocks. The most beautiful photos of the waterfall are taken from the opposite side of the lake.

Tourists are encouraged to climb as part of an excursion to the top of the waterfall and admire the panoramic views of the surrounding area. Going down to the foot of the waterfall, you will see the lake where it flows. There are slopes to the entrance, and you can refresh yourself. Arvalem Falls becomes very impressive after (and during) the rainy season when powerful jets of water rush down from a height and enchant the eyes with sparkling in the rays of the sun and the rainbow created.

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