I get it, I hear it, I’ve been told, I see it with my own eyes. I do not believe the world is going to end. What is going to happen though?

Economically things can not continue as they have been. Ecologically the environment works harder to stay in balance every day. The fighting for peace continues at what cost? (A bit oxymoronic, that one.)

What will your future look like months and years from now? Forward looking is not always easy at the best of times but tougher when it comes to the effects of bad or uninformed choices. Ignorance is not a great choice if You want to thrive through the times.

I do not always see with precognition what is going to happen in the future for each person. Psychic ability does not always work that way or even the way I’d like sometimes. I live each day as it comes, knowing that the information I need will be there for me if I keep listening.

It is like having a small child grouped in with a large amount of older children. If You are not listening in a balanced way the smallest voice will probably not be heard, leading to possible issues if You are responsible for that small child’s needs. As simple as not hearing when they need to use the washroom, oops.

Your psychic voice is like that small child surrounded by louder taller voices. That is why it is important for You to learn how to listen to the subtle language of your psychic senses. For You!!

So that You can relax into the knowledge that You will know what next best steps to take, one after another, as the occupants of this world make the shifts they need to, in order to find stability and sustainability. Shifts happen!

If my spiritual guides let me know it is better for me to stay home today, I will. I have been working with my guides long enough to know they are helping me to fulfill my deepest wants and desires. I stay home and hear later about an accident that happened on the route I was going to take about the time I would have been there.

Would I have been part of the accident? Thank the heavens I do not have to find out.

The other side of it is, I stay home and hear about nothing that happened the day I listened and stayed home. The point is, I listen. If I keep listening then when I really am called to make a big move or change a plan then I will feel confident in doing that. It may save me and my family if the earth makes a huge shift and where my home is becomes a was. Or when of the the systems created, collapse under the weight of the chaos of power that we see today and I have to provide for myself in ways we haven't had to for many years.

If You feel fear about any of the bigger or smaller issues You face today, take action. Learn how to listen to your psychic senses, your extra-sensory perceptions that You have for just that purpose. To assist You in living your best most joyful life.

When You listen and take spirit sent and inspired action, You can put your fears aside and know that You will be guided about what is going to be ‘right for You’ to do in any moment.

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