Counseling Coaching Coping Cure - which to choose? A therapist, a coach, a doctor or self-reliance. I believe that there are six energies that each provide us with our daily source of motivation: the energy of music, movement, meditation, humour, learning & conversation. What I have learned with regards to my own issues is that conversation is an energy source that I need several times a day, every single day.

When I am in my optimum state I feel happy, confident and motivated. The thing that usually chips away at my optimum state is 'tension'. This could be tension between me and another person, maybe through a disagreement or it could be the tension that exists between what I have now and what I want to have, a career ambition for example. And so a question I sometimes wrestle with is how to best relieve this tension.

The energy of movement is a good head-clearer and so I exercise every day; the energy of music is a great distractor and so I often pick up my guitar or put on my MP3 player; while the energy of meditation is really good therapy if practiced regularly, ideally for a minimum of fifteen minutes. I can sometimes alleviate suffering by turning to Alf to take a philosophical stance. Alf is a character I created to help with relieving this tension and to use Alf you simply ask yourself three questions:

- What can I Appreciate about this experience?
- What can I Learn from this experience?
- And how can I move Forward?

Alf is cool although sometimes when I am really troubled, I forget Alf is there for me! I find that humour is fantastic therapy and from time to time I take myself down to the Comedy Store in London or watch something like "Stand Up for the Week". But if I am honest - and in spite of my passion for comedy and music - there is nothing that is as consistently good for repairing damage to optimum state as the release of troublesome thoughts.

If you visit a counselor or coach, you really appreciate the opportunity to express your thoughts and hear them said out loud and if the professional is doing their job correctly the experience of not just being heard, but being really understood is magical. Something I constantly have to remind myself is that the energy of conversation is our greatest healing energy.

Author's Bio: 

David Finney was originally a musician who achieved some success in the UK Pop Industry. After this he spent 20 years in market research and was fascinated by learning and development. Now he runs his own coaching and training company, The Energy of Conversation which you can find on Facebook:!/pages/The-Energy-of-Conversation/30467421755