If you are like me, you receive a large number of emails every day. You may also have more than one inbox. After all, your Social Media accounts have private messaging as well. Facebook and LinkedIn have inboxes. Twitter has DMs. There are messages bombarding you from everywhere you can imagine. If you have a personal email account, that is just another inbox to manage in your busy day.

Outsourcing your business email to your Virtual Assistant will allow you the freedom you need to work on the money-making areas of your business. You can do more teleseminars, host more live events, sign more clients, create more information products, and even offer more group coaching programs. You will also be free to spend more time taking care of yourself and your family. Your business will run smoother and be more profitable if you do.

Your Virtual Assistant can monitor your inboxes, filter various emails to folders by category, answer customer service questions, and mark those that need to be handled by you personally. Then you can schedule a short amount of time in your day to handle the emails only you can handle. You can also choose certain times to sit down and go through your regular newsletters reading what catches your eye and archiving or deleting the rest.

Handling hundreds of emails a day can take its toll on the areas of your business that allow you to follow your passion and make more money. Delegating this task to a Virtual Assistant will bring greater productivity, increase your income, and provide more time to take care of you and your family.

Author's Bio: 

Sophie Zollmann of SophieZo Virtually There For You is a Virtual Assistant committed to working with online entrepreneurs to increase their productivity and income potential. She provides virtual assistance in blog/email/social media management, schedule management, proofreading, article submission, social bookmarking, dictation/transcription, customer service, data entry, research and much more. Find out more at http://sophiezo.com