Many people think that humanity is reaching a higher spiritual level than ever before. I think those people have not been to the historical sites and probably lived through TV and the internet. Certainly there are many things on the internet which simply based on volume and dissemination of information would justify that claim, but I disagree. The reason I say that they have lived their life on TV is because a personal visit to the ancient sites will clearly show we are going backward. Watching a show or reading a book is simply not the same as being there.

The claim is based on the exponentially increasing number of people who are becoming more aware of spiritual traditions and joining those paths. The thought is that the increasing number of spiritually aware people can build an energetic power of thought capable of reversing the obvious deterioration of the planet. I think they are just tying to make themselves feel better so that they do not worry about themselves or their children.

The increasing numbers has nothing to do with awareness, rather it has to do with technology. Imagine the days before the printing press when all books had to be copied one by one by hand. Of course knowledge was limited. Now with the Internet, one can reach millions of people in seconds. Having information is one thing, having correct information and applying it is another. There is a good saying, a donkey with a load of books is still a donkey. Information without experience is just a load of books.

Go to the ancient spiritual monuments and temples yourself, experience them first hand and be awe struck by the size of one stone of the pyramids, then think again. Many people say they do not need to go to see it themselves, that they get the full experience watching a documentary. Those people are fooling themselves. If they would go, they would understand. Now, all they do is imagine.

I have been to many of the ancient sites around the world; Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the Pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt, the Elephanta caves in Mumbai are just a few of the sites that must be seen for the state of humanity to be truly understood.

Today's gods and so called paths to spirituality are technology, money and sex. The whole concept of the soul mate was born in the hippy days of the 60's and has become a powerful tool of trickery to distract would be seekers from understanding the power of love and emotions. It has been a very effective concept in building those above mentioned gods.

It is not the technology itself that is bad. Rather, it is how much energy and time people devote to it and allow it to be a distraction and food for active laziness rather than use it as a beneficial tool.

It is the emotional experience of being there, that cannot be replicated by any other means than first hand presence, which turns the information into an alteration for your being.

This article is being written in the ancient temple of Angkor Wat on my iphone and later tonight I will edit and publish it on my ipad. The technology is great as long as you keep the right god in your heart and mind and devote your time where it belongs.

On another very powerful and curious subject, there is a common theme in many ancient temples depicting sexy women with big breasts, especially the Hindu sites. Why would a temple put a tremendous amount of carvings to excite the sexual drive? It makes no sense that in a place where one is meant to focus on the divine, i.e. the non-material, that they would be constantly driven towards corporeal pleasure. I saw pictures of these carvings in books just like I saw pictures of the Pyramids, and in every case, being there was something profoundly different.

The answer is in understanding what sex and spiritual, or any desire, has in common. In one word; Power!

The problem, following with my belief that humanity is close to its lowest level since the fall of Rome, is that ancient mysteries have been twisted to make a trap for the masses giving more wealth and worldly power to the few tricksters.

The sexual drive is overwhelming, the benefit of this overwhelming power lies first in the preparation of the mind. The first step is to know that the sex drive is not necessarily a bad thing and the stronger it is, the better. But to always bear in mind that it is also as dangerous as sitting on dozens of nuclear bombs.

If anyone professes that they can teach tantra, sacred sexuality, taoist esoteric sexual techniques, the Kama Sutra or any other name they made up, and promises or even mentions that it will give you better sex in any way related to more pleasure, they will mislead you.

A car that drives fast is not meant to give you pleasure to drive. It is meant to go fast, you may just happen to enjoy it. Sex is not meant to give us pleasure, it serves the reproductive needs on the basic level and can serve spiritual cultivation if you train for that. Pleasure is a by-product but if we take the by-product as the main point, then we will miss its true value.

We eat to live, good flavour makes it easier to eat. My friend's taste buds were damaged as a result of chemotherapy. Her recovery was hindered because she would not eat or drink due to everything tasting bad. She became malnourished even though she was hungry but the poor taste was harder to bear than the hunger. Food must be pleasurable so we will eat to get the nutrition we need. Obese people have fallen in love with the by-product, the good taste, and eat for pleasure rather than for the purpose of nutrition. The negative repercussions are obvious, however the same addiction to sex for pleasure will cause even more devastating problems even if it is not physically obvious.

Back to the process of preparing the mind. Next we must cleanse the mind of all desires except one. That one is up to you, be it God or your career does not matter in the process of using this power. Although it is clear that it is very important to choose your goal wisely.

The next step is to immerse yourself in whatever excites your sexual desires visually, meaning there is no physical contact, the passion is built purely in your mind so there is no possibility of releasing the tension. If you can do this with physical contact that is fine but remember, the point is to build desire and not have that satisfied. Allow the full power of your sexual drive to grow freely within you until it becomes so overwhelming it brings tears of the pain of unfulfilled desire.

If your mind has been sufficiently prepared and cleansed of all desires other than one, at this point of being tortured by desire of sexual energy, turn your mind to the one goal while keeping that burning sex energy growing.

This happens very quickly and without intellect as such. It is an instant realization that sex energy is power but the power is not to be used for sex, it is the very life force of the universe.

This energy is so powerful it can propel you to great spiritual, emotional and creative heights you cannot imagine. The danger is that everything has two poles and so the equally powerful opposite is even easier to reach.

It is easier simply due to gravity. Spiritual is lighter (non-material) and sex is human (physical matter). Lumps of flesh fall to earth with great weight while consciousness rises. The proof is if someone is lying on top of you, they all of a sudden get much heavier when they fall asleep and their conscious mind shuts down.

Consciousness is spirit. The more energy, or pain, you have, the more conscious and aware you will be, even if it is fully focused on your pain. You will be very aware and conscious!

The level and speed of your success in building sexual energy and achieving your goal is directly proportional to how pure to one goal your mind is vs how many other desires or lack of sincerity to your goal you have. This is the test of self lying. Here you will find how much you really want your goal or if it turns out to be remembered as a good idea at the time.

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