Between the tallest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro and the enticing sandy beaches found along the coastline, Tanzania is filled with wild animals! In fact it is there we can find the largest concentration of animals of all types. With flourishing sea ports as well as one of the most popular places for money investors this is the place to come and play while working or perhaps call it work whist you play. Any way you look at it, Tanzania is the ideal location for relaxation in the excellent climate, exploring the vast expanse of land that makes up Tanzania, and making money.

Two sovereign states and an ideal location make Tanzania the place to be!

Located between the longitude of 29o and 41o in the East, and Latitude 1o and 12o to the South, the locale and climate are ideally situated for perfection in weather and living conditions for a wide assortment of wildlife as well as human kind. Known as the United Republic of Tanzania due to the combining of Zanzibar and Tanganyika following a revolution in 1964, Tanzania enjoys a large established tourist trade as well as money investors and capitalist enterprises.

The commercial capital as well as a major seaport is known as Dar-us-Salaam. This seaport is vital to the area because neighboring countries are virtually land locked and need a seaport for importing as well as exporting goods. The countries, including Zambia, Rwanda, Malawi, Uganda, and Burundi and Eastern DRC consider Tanzania to be the gateway to East and Central Africa. This ideal locale is what makes Tanzania the favored place for investors.

Visit the Serengeti and be amazed by the migrations

Each year huge herds of wildebeest migrate across the Serengeti, urged on by generations of ancestors who follow along in the footpaths of many generations before them. Prides of African lions lazily slumber during the day and become ferocious hunters by night. Elephants, giraffes, gazelles, eland, and monkeys are what Africa is all about and they are found in abundance in Tanzania. Even crocodiles, which wait patiently for their annual feast thanks to the migration, are amazing to watch as they stealthily stalk their prey. The Serengeti plains are the ideal location for this near perfect eco system to play out.

Take a hot air balloon tour of Tanzania and the Serengeti

For a true once in a lifetime experience many come to Tanzania and the open plains of the Serengeti on safari or to take a hot air balloon ride across the expansive plains. Soar gracefully and silently far above the African tundra and witness animals just awakening and going about their day. Up high enough, the activity seldom disturbs the animal population, resulting in natural activity you’ll never find in a zoo or compound. Depending on the timing of the rains and rainy season, the wildebeest migration may be the highlight of a tourist’s vacation trip! Many other animals such as lions, giraffe, gazelle, a wide variety of monkeys, and many other wild creatures native to Africa can always be viewed from land or air.

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