Ancient wisdom can help the spiritual traveler in the modern world. In the second passage of the Tao Te Ching we find a profound message that reflects one of the most important virtues taught by spiritual leaders and writers today.

Letting go is a simple spiritual concept that many people struggle with. Especially in Western culture the idea of giving up is frowned upon; children are taught to be tough and fight through every life situation.

But letting go is the real measure of courage. Do your part in any situation and then allow what is to take over.

Our egos rebel against such a notion. We must find a way to control everything in our life, and the idea of just trusting things to get done is maddening to the mind that has not become still.

2,500 years ago the sage called Lao Tsu - if he actually existed - wrote many passages about the virtue of doing nothing, and yet leaving nothing undone. The actual language used on one occasion suggested a seeker of wisdom should not work, and thereby all things would be taken care of.

Those who lack understanding will suggest this kind of thinking promotes laziness and daydreaming; far from it! The abstract point being made is that when the mind is free from thoughts of past and future and one resides here in the now, the mind and body are connected and work does not seem like difficult labor or striving.

In a pure state we know what must be done and we find ourselves compelled into inspired action. There is no need to think it over, plan every detail, or worry about the outcome.

Furthermore once we have done our part we are free to release the whole affair. In other words when we take inspired action or add our true intent to the world by acting from the heart, our next step is to let go and trust our work to be carried forward by the natural flow of life.

The paradigm that our society is now emerging from cannot grasp the value of this philosophy. But those who remain open to the teaching will see the truth.

The always-busy state of the world has created a society addicted to chaos and stress. And yet the simplest things like caring for the earth and loving one-another go undone.

When the world understands the value of letting go and flowing from the truth within we will see change. We already know what to do, and we already know the right path; but a mind lost in predictions and controlling the outcome will never be able to take the first step.

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