We are creative beings. From the day we are born, we dream and make sounds to please ourselves. As soon as we can hold a crayon – or some baby food – we draw. We sing, dance, act, play musical instruments, paint, draw, and sculpt. We invent, start new businesses and industries, build and program computers, send men to the moon. And we create other human beings – our children – to create even more than we did.

Creativity can be very fulfilling, often joyful, and there are times when the flow of our creative juices can seem temporarily obstructed. People in creative occupations,
such as artists, writers, musicians, scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs, report that their creative inspirations often occur when they have exhausted left brain rational
thinking – when they just relax!

Reflexology provides a pleasurable and safe way to promote very deep states of relaxation through its contact with the thousands of nerves in our feet, hands, ears and face. Foot Reflexology and hand reflexology sessions restore mental alertness and improve our attention span. We are free to think our best thoughts, come up with our best ideas, and work with greater clarity and focus on creative tasks, allowing creative resources and inspiration to emerge, often from the unconscious.

Many of my clients tell of how their creativity soars after their reflexology sessions. Judith, a very successful entrepreneur, says she is so relaxed and clear after sessions she finds that new ideas flow easily. Dan, an artist and sculptor, has told me he is more focused and has improved concentration after his reflexology sessions with me, and his paintings show it. And Sarah, a dancer, finds that her muscles relax, she experiences an inner strength and calm, and she feels lighter on her feet!

Create your own trans-formative experience now – find a local Professional Reflexologist and schedule a private reflexology session. And help yourself and others to tap into their creativity by taking courses in the Laura Norman Method of Reflexology.

Author's Bio: 

Laura Norman, best-selling author, world-renowned Reflexologist and Empowerment Coach is frequently featured in national magazines, newspapers, on radio, TV and the Internet. Laura has helped thousands of people banish burnout and erase fear and anxiety from their lives through her unique, holistic approach to Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness.