The Power of Unconscious Mind

Managing on your Energy Levels and Focusing on your target vision are just not enough for a successful you.
You also need to capture your Unconscious Mind or instruct (give directions to) your unconscious mind to achieve the target vision.

Working on your unconscious mind is very important for you to be successful in life. The reason is simply because, when your conscious mind is striving to accomplish your goal, your unconscious mind is happily working on breathing and blinking.

Did that strike you? Yes, unconscious mind does all the automated activities makes you live. And when programmed rightly, your success levels directly relate to your level of such programming.

In the journey of living an accomplished and a very happy life, you consciously strive for success. Which means you desire for something, set a goal, identify the steps needed to achieve and carry out the steps involved. True?

Now, during this process, Iam sure you will have experienced conflicts in your mind between the identifying and carrying out the goal and its activities.

When you work to control your wavering unconscious mind or to remove the negative thought patterns that flock your conscious mind, that is when the mind starts seeing opportunities to make this achievement a huge success. In short, ‘The conscious Mind needs to be backed by the Positive Thought patterns of the Unconscious Mind, in order to automate the Success Principles in your Life’.

I repeat, ‘The conscious Mind needs to be backed by the Positive Thought patterns of the Unconscious Mind, in order to automate the Success Principles in your Life’.

How to program your unconscious mind for success? The following are some of the principles that I follow and also teach my 3 year old son where appropriate on working with my unconscious mind. Please note that all these 3 principles complement each other and any ONE DOES NOT work on its own.

Practice Gratitude

It is important for our mind and heart to feel gratified every day and I mean every single day. Practice the habit of thanking God or the Super Natural power. I wake up in the morning with a thanks to God, for waking up alive, for giving me great family and to make that day as wonderful as possible. And more importantly I thank God in the night before sleep to have experienced a lovely day, because I had no tough times, no fights, no ill-feelings. I also thank my mom every single night to have given me this wonderful life to be where Iam and my friends and relatives for accepting the way Iam.

This practice is very important as it fills your day with positive thoughts and vibrations and your unconscious mind always gives it back to you!

Make Affirmations

This is indeed a very important step. It is not just enough if write your vision down. But more than that, your unconscious mind needs to get this information, so that it automatically drives your conscious mind to jump step on work that is needed to accomplish your goal.
Some say that you read it every day may be twice or even thrice. Read it aloud and envision that you are living that goal.

But I found the method described in Cybernetic Transposition’s Basic Achievement Model to be effective for me. Read your vision 100 times. Sometimes write it 100 times. But there’s a lot more to do when following Stuart Litchtman’s Cybernetic Transposition.

Whatever you follow is ultimately your convenience. But understand that this step cannot be slipped out if you want to be successful in life.

Set Aside a You Time Everyday

I would say this to be preferably in the morning. Start with a 15 to 20 min Meditation. If you can’t even 10 minutes would do. Practice to a point where your mind can be still without any thoughts. Invest the next 10 minutes in envisioning your success goal. This allows your sub conscious mind to develop positive vibrations that comes back to you in the form of great energy levels.


All efforts that you take to tap the power of your Unconscious Mind only have advantages like

1. Positive vibration around you
2. Feel Happier
3. Higher energy levels
4. Ability to think clearly
5. Manifold Progress on your way to Success!

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