This morning after receiving an email from Nick Ortner of The Tapping Solution I felt compelled to respond to his blog, and want to also share his email tip with you!

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as “tapping” as been a great gift for me personally, and I have finally embraced it and share it professionally. Recently in the 90Days2Love Singles Retreat, we had a powerful tapping session on the roles we have played in past relationships and the beliefs we had around not finding love or a partner – I will share the things we tapped on in a separate post.

My own relationships have improved immensely and so has my health with tapping, and I am now tapping my way through my relationship with money as a business owner – the possibilities are endless!

Here’s what I wrote to Nick,


I have so much admiration and respect for you and your sister, Jessica! I was introduced to ‘tapping in 2005, and it kept “showing up” up for me through the years. I would use it, share it a little, and always amazed at the results, then “put it on the shelf.” In 2007 I met Ingrid Dinter, an EFT Coach who worked and trained directly with Gary Craig. I was trained by Ingrid in Level I and II certifications, and started to use it personally to heal from the ending of my second marriage. I was AMAZED at what showed up, and honestly, still am – so much freedom!

I started to share it more, and incorporate it into my coaching practice a little bit, yet still did not completely own this gift. Ingrid introduced me to you via email, and I listened to The Tapping Summit in 2009 and 2010, purchasing the program. I am so grateful for this move and for you providing this FREE opportunity each year. I really listened to, and used the information presented myself and then offered to share with others. I was blown away by the results others experienced and their feedback to me. I realized that I truly do have a gift and finally embraced that. Once I did, people started to come to me for tapping. This has led to more spiritual growth and self inquiry and has helped me redefine and own my truth in my professional life.

In my personal life, I have been able to slowly release the need for medication that has been helping me cope with the nerve pain from lyme disease and fibromyalgia as a result of my tapping. I am not completely there yet, however my improvement in the past year with all my tapping is remarkable. I am so glad we have this gift to share with others, and that you are doing such a remarkable job in making “tapping” and the professionals who use it accessible. I realized that one area in which I have not tapped yet, is my own lack of sharing your emails more. I’ve had overwhelm with technology and I am dealing with each one by one, until I feel confident – and I forget I have the tool – sometimes I can really miss the obvious – LOL!

Thank you for sharing so much with the world, for having the faith to create The Tapping Solution, and for being you! By the way, I am working with a client who is struggling with the very issue that you posted here, and I am thrilled to share this with her until our next session. You truly are a gift!

Cheri Valentine

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To your joy and love!


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