The Reason to Wake up Early as a Child!

Saturday mornings are synonymous with cartoons. Just as any child, Taragh Bracken would be up bright and early every Saturday morning to catch the latest episodes of her favourite cartoons. To the dismay of parents who want to sleep in, cartoons shape generations. They instill in us a sense of values. You need to look no further than Saturday morning kids show to understand the future generation. Let’s have a look back


From the Great to the Silly

  1. Mr. Dressup - Taragh Bracken, as any Canadian child, grew up watching Mr. Dressup. We all have warm and fuzzy feelings about that large trunk full of adventures. Mr. Dressup taught us to use our imagination, to be fair to one another, to share. He taught us compassion. A show spanning from late the 60s to the late 90s, Mr. Dressup might just be the reason for Canadians renown friendliness!
  2. Babar - Who doesn’t love an Elephant in a suit! Babar is the benevolent ruler of the kingdom of the Elephants who constantly has to foil the plots of the Rhino King, who attempts to take over the land of the elephant at every turn. Babar was a wise and gentle ruler. As a child, Taragh Bracken most likely watched this well-spoken, gentle elephant ride in his convertible. A very mild cartoon, where good triumphs over the wicked.
  3. The Carebears - Ah, yes. Who can list Canadian cartoons without including the Carebears? Animated bears who vie for one thing only: to make every child happy. There was a lesson to every episode, be well behaved, do not lie, do not steal.
  4. Fraggle Rock - Surprised to learn that Fraggle rock was filmed largely in Taragh Bracken hometown of Toronto. This Jim Henson production quirky underground world of muppets showed a parallel world between the world of the silly creatures (humans), and the world of the Fraggles, the hard working Dozzers, and the giant Gorgs! It taught us that we all depend on each other in one way or another. It taught us to respect one another and to respect nature. It’s the only one we have.
  5. Inspector Gadget - Go Go Gadget! Another Canadian success story, Inspector Gadget was animated in Taragh Bracken’s backyard at Nelvana studios. With it’s expanding arms, helicopter hat, Inspector Gadget would not have been the success he was without the help of his smart niece Penny and her dog Brain. The trio constantly foiled the plots of Dr. Claw, saving the world at every turn. With failing gadgets, the good Inspector created more mayhem than he solved.
  6. Are You Afraid of the Dark? - Meant to spook children, this show was not shown on Saturday morning but was more an evening show. This still scared a generation of Canadians like Taragh Bracken. With a look upon urban legends and spooky stories, this show presented itself as a club of kids, attempting to scare each other with stories around a campfire.


Canadian Cartoon Hub

It may come as a surprise, but a lot of really good cartoons came out of Canada and were whisked away to international fame.  Saturday morning cartoons were what we waited for all week, the one reason we would wake up at dawn on sleepy weekends. They are still the bane of parents everywhere who would rather sleep in on Saturdays, but a good way to keep the kids quiet while weekend breakfast is being cooked.

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