About: Astro Tarot Affirmations are positive statements with creative meditations, to center ourselves while energizing our Mojo! Using the tarot and astrology, my goal is to help invigorate higher vibrations with visualizations, while enhancing perspective, confidence, and productivity. Becoming part of the imagery allows all senses to be encountered. Proclaiming and vocalizing your personal statement out-loud 'seals your agreement' with the Universe. Your goal needs to be heartfelt, but also realistic. Disciplined practitioners sense a significant change within seventy-two hours of repeating the oath, while Inexperienced users must understand that it can take a little longer until you find your own unique rhythm to encounter the magic of will and assertion. Practice as much as you can. As a necessary disclaimer: Information provided is based on energy and intention and not meant to replace the care of a physician, for I am not a trained professional in health or medicine.

Meditation: Sit for a few minutes alone, with eyes closed, you're goal is to relax and distance yourself from your day with slow relaxing breaths. Escape from the normal duties at this time. Calm all thoughts and emotions until you are aware of the quietness around you. Breathe your way into calmness. As the noise disintegrates, enjoy your existence with the silence.

Visualization: Today's card image can assist you in this practice, to help you make a powerful shift in your life with observation. So whether you are ready to make some changes in a relationship, create your work or career, and within yourself, regular practice is beneficial.

- Before beginning, have a pastel yellow candle ready, with something to light it with.
- Next, think of one question that you desperately need the answer to in a certain situation. If needed, write it down, and be sure it is totally clear and can not be misunderstood. If you have more than one, that's okay, you can continue with your other questions as you understand your practice. The question should not be one that gives a simple yes or no answer, but allows information to come intuitively and naturally.

Light the candle, for this will be your lantern to refer to, just as seen in the Hermit card. We use our imagination and become the Hermit, the image in your card, who is quiet and sensitive on the outside, but quite strong and capable on the inside. Become visually compelled to the flame. The Hermit is wise, and as you become him, you are aware of the power of the mind. Digest deep knowledge that is around you. Only you and your lantern/candle exist right now, and nothing else. Furniture, people nearby, the clock, your coffee.... whatever is around, none of this exists at the moment. Allow it to fade. Your main focus is on an empty mind, the silence, and the candle. As you watch the flame, and breathe slowly, yet steady, Ask your question - which can be out loud, or in silence. Watch the flame. Listen to the silence. Use awareness as answers arrive. Ask the question again if needed. And listen for a full minute or two as vibrations slowly drift in.

If it doesn't work right away, that's fine. Practice makes perfect, just a emptying the mind does. To continue, and staring at the flame. The lantern/light is the Hermit's trusted friend. He carries it wherever he goes. Understand the bond that exists. Imagine that your lantern quietly asks you a question. Listen. Your lantern asks you the exact same question that you just asked. Answer it. If your inquiry concerns an individual, imagine that person speaking to you through the flame. Again, you are asked the same question, How do you respond? Ask another question is asked of you, it comes to your mind. Answer it. This is how you confront a problem, to negotiate balance.

Affirmations: While being one with yourself, announce your trusted affirmation:
Silence is my trusted friend.
The answers I seek are within me.
What I assume and think I know with others, they also assume and think they know me.
I probe my own questions, to receive answers.

Astrologically speaking: As Saturn prepares to station and retrograde for the next six months on January 26, this meditation can work perfectly with the timing. Saturn (discipline) will be slowing down through his examination of Libra (our personal, professional, and romantic relationships), as each of us are being taught how to strive and invest into what (or who) we want, and how to create balance, loyalty and trust. During the retrograde, strain exists, as we revisit the same old, to inspect where flaws, weaknesses, and broken foundations exist. The Hermit meditation can be helpful in reminding us that we while we may feel righteous to judge and place blame ~ we should remember that we too, are being judged and blamed. What could be negotiated if the real problem were to be confronted? What misunderstandings would be corrected? Libra is the scales, and as Saturn (Mr. Fixer Upper) retrogrades, he demands that we look inside ourselves, to dig deeper for the real issues - before we can move forward. By analyzing the problem and researching the facts first, we have much more to bring to the table if we want to communicate our true intention in finding peace and creating a solution. Hope you enjoyed my Hermit practice, and good luck on your journey!

Now go get your mantra on!

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Suzi Dronzek, Cosmic Divine, enjoys creative writing while sharing the planetary weather of the cosmos. She also and provides personalized readings with guidance as an Intuitive Consultant. Details available at: www.starcana.com