The Queen of Cups is perhaps the iconic Mother's Day tarot card. In its upright position, this card captures everything 'mothering' ought to be:
sensitivity and patience; compassion and kindness.

Those of us with mothers who personify the Queen of Cups are fortunate indeed.

Of course, in real life, most mothers are less than perfect. Ironically, the Queen of Cups reversed also perfectly represents many of the difficulties we experience with our mothers.

Have a look at the EyeTarot definition of the Queen of Cups, reversed:

Worrywart, Temperamental, Self-Pity
• A worrywart; prone to unhelpful and unhealthy ruminations
• Temperamental and prone to outbursts
• Indulging in self pity and 'playing the victim

One of the most common challenges that people (especially women!) seem to have after they leave the nest is getting their mother's 'worrywart' voice out of their head. When faced with something 'new', do you focus first on the risks? Do you go out of your way to avoid the unfamiliar because there is a remote chance that there will be a negative consequence?

This is a challenge I've certainly faced in my life. My sister are often catching each other falling into the routine of avoiding new skin products out of the assumption we might 'break out'-- just as our mother advised us! This, despite the fact that the worst thing that might happen is an unwanted zit or the need to take a dose of allergy medication to rid ourselves of a rash. The best? We might find a skin product that is better and more effective. We might get to pamper ourselves with something new.

Of course, unhealthy ruminations over the new and unfamiliar has much more dire consequences when it comes to careers, relationships, etc.

In a reading
Turning up the Queen of Cups in a reading might suggest the question you've asked relates to your physical mother, or someone who represents a mothering influence in your life.

It also might be a suggestion to channel your own mothering energy-- towards another or yourself! Loving ourselves is one of the hardest things in life, especially if our own mothers did not set a good example.

Do you need to be more compassionate with yourself? More patient?

Turning of the Queen of Cups, reversed, in a reading can also refer to a physical 'mother' or reflect an energy you are another is bringing to the table.

Are you or someone involved in the situation ruminating? Behaving in a temperamental fashion, or have a martyr complex?

Free tarot readings at can help you explore the meaning of the Queen of Cups in your life and relationships.

Oh, and happy Mother's Day!

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