March is the month of birthdays for the women in my family. In honor of that, I've chosen to focus on The Star tarot card for reflection this week. defines The Star in the following way:

Inspiration, Optimism, Tranquility
Motivation to take it to the next level
• Having high expectations and thinking optimistically
• Peaceful calm (within self or within circumstances)

In our society, women face enormous pressure as they grow older. Though we see an increasing number of older actresses portrayed as confident, sexy women in Hollywood, it's no secret that ours is still a society focused on youth.

For me, The Star (Major Arcana) embodies incredible wisdom regarding what it means as a woman to age in a spiritually and physically healthy way.

In the Rider-Waite tarot deck, The Star portrays a woman holding two jugs and kneeling by a lake. She is pouring liquid from one jug into the lake, and liquid from the other onto the ground. To me, this represents the importance that women take care to nourish themselves both spiritually/emotionally (represented by the lake) AND physically (represented by the ground)-- the mind/body connection.

As women age, taking care to nourish ourselves in both of these ways becomes increasingly difficult. Our metabolism is not what it was in youth, so we need to create workout rituals to keep fit and healthy. Inner confidence may or may not have come easy when we were young, but regardless it becomes increasingly important as we age to celebrate our strengths and nourish our dreams.

In short, as EyeTarot suggests, we women need to strive every day to have high expectations of ourselves and to think optimistically about our ability to learn new things, to get in better shape, to eat well, to find time to honor our spiritual and emotional needs, to look at ourselves every day with honesty and resolve-- regardless of our age.

We need to find ways to motivate ourselves and our mothers/sisters/grandmothers to be their best. And we need to tell the women we look up to that they inspire us.

On this note, a book that I've found particularly inspiring this week is "The Female Body Breakthrough" by Rachel Cosgrove. In it, Rachel talks about nourishing our bodies with good nutrition and strength training. You can buy this book and more at All the women in my family (my mother, myself and my sisters) are currently using this book to motivate us to be 'fit females' (to use Rachel's term). A terrific read for all those women looking to nourish the mind/body connection.

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Nikki Harris

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