Every problem or issue has two distinct components.
One is the actual Event, the second part is Perception and these two parts creates what is known as Outcome.
An Event which by virtue of universality is neutral in its nature. Perception on the other hand is colored with what we believe is right or wrong.
So the same event like missing of a bus, an accident or good news creates different outcome for us ranging from sadness, being neutral to even happiness .

How Tarot helps:-
Tarot allows us to ‘look through’ the problem or issue in a Neutral or unbiased manner.
Since all answers and solutions are inside our sub-conscious mind, tarot helps us color our perception in a neutral shade.
Let me give you an example
Riya a brilliant student of fashion designing was full of hopes and aspiration the day she stepped into her first job; in a big export house. Slowly the initial euphoria of being creative and getting recognized for the work-evaporated .She failed to understand that despite putting her best efforts and hard work, no recognition came her way.
Although she used to find her created designs on the pages of company’s catalogue, yet there was no mention of the same in the office. What also used to crib her was the fact that her immediate boss was getting pay hike while her requests for the same met with frowned looks. Tired of this constant non-recognition of work, she almost decided to quit the company.
As luck would have had, she learnt Tarot card reading and the first reading she did was of her own self and the problem of hers. Tarot told her of deception from a female figure. Inspired by this psychic knowledge she started hunting for answers .what she found was amazing.
The designs that she was creating was passed on to her seniors by her immediate boss with just a replacement of her name with her name. Armed with this knowledge, she approached the higher authorities with initial sketches and proof. As was expected, her senior was terminated and Riya was appointed at that post.
A happy ending to a problem, which almost costed Riya, her job.

It is here that Tarot comes to the rescue of most of the beleaguered people who just can’t seem to find the light at the end of this long tunnel.
Tarot helps us to clean our window pane so that we can see things clearly.
The best part of Tarot is that it does not try to SEAL your FATE by telling you so called Predictions which in reality stop you from looking beyond the visible.
It tells you your strengths, your lacuna and your inhibition.

Being a Tarot Reader and a HR professional myself, I have worked with many people, who perhaps thought that things have reached there nadir but after a Tarot Counseling session perhaps were able to cope with the situation in a much better way . This in turn made there ability to face and to come out of the problems in a much better and empowered manner.
So all amongst of us, who think that Recession is the worst thing that could happen to there Career, just think one more time. After all “EVERY PROBLEM IS AN OPPURTUNITY IN DISGUISE”.

Author's Bio: 

Hi I am Joy Dev. I am a TCBA Certified Tarot Card Reader, Certified NLP Practitioner, QTC Coach, Hypnotherapist and Numerology Analyst practicing for the past many years. An Engineer by training and a HR professional by choice,let me accompany you to the mystic world of Tarot. A 79-card Tarot deck, which taps into your inner self and brings out the awareness and insight that we need to solve our problems and queries.