While it absolutely was tempting to learn the Ten within the
Tarot being a “yes” for staying
involved, my intuition warning bells rang at taking the uncomplicated/nice
reply. Often this credit card is really a symbol that a circumstance or
partnership is certain for being satisfied and fulfilling, and this may be the
case here. However the 10 in any go well with also can display an real ending of
a routine, the fulfillment of power, and also the subsequent must proceed on.
This can be a credit card that need to thoroughly be examine in context while
using other playing cards from the spread.

Jane ’s card was the Seven of Cups. She experienced a whole lot of perceptions,
hopes, as well as fantasies about her romantic relationship with Mike . It had
been unclear which was the best way forward because in the unique faces he
showed her and her shifting feelings about him. She may be his friend, she may
be his lover, she could depart the relationship totally, she could give him
healing—on and on!

Mike ’s card was the Nine of Swords. He was in a very mental hell of his very
own producing, exacerbated by whatever it absolutely was he was undertaking for
his technique job. With him picking to stay within a stressful job, there was no
way Jane could make an informed alternative about him.

In such a context, the 10 of Cups was an invitation to celebrate what had been
and full the contract. Following using a handful of days and nights to assume,
Jane chose to clear away her contract with Mike . Now that they have been no
longer bound, she could start off a fresh cycle (the Ace) and uncover new love.

I did a related 3 card spread for Eve . She and Larissa acquired been friends to
get a while, and Larissa was ambivalent in her sexual preferences. Eve wasn’t
sure they might be in excess of close friends who acquired occasional intimacy
mainly because she was scared that Larissa couldn’t just be which has a woman.
Need to she take on the leap or just continue to be close friends?

The 3 cards I drew ended up the Site of Cups for Eve , the Hanged Dude for
Larissa, along with the Two of Cups for that strength with the partnership. Eve
acquired excited when she saw the credit card that popularly denotes genuine
really like.

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