You sense it. It's a program running in the background that you are about as conscious of as you are of your refrigerator running or your own breathing. But when you least expect it, spiritual reality intrudes and grabs the spotlight like a car accident intrudes upon a normal afternoon, often bequeathing you a new perspective. Or sometimes there is a quiet moment imbued with an ill-defined super-reality that you long to revisit. Maybe a deja-vu; maybe a breakthrough; or is it just one of those daydreams in which the colors of the scene around you seem altered? Then that third-dimension experience submerges into the routine of mundane life, leaving you touched wondering "Who was that masked man?" Maybe you thirst to know more but don't know where to look it up. You sense the canned programs with their hype and financial pressure are not where it's at. But the thirst for meaning persists.

The veil is thinnest between the physical and nonphysical realms when an animal or person whom you love dies. The part of you that is gone with whomever you were attached to: Where does it go? You can follow it, you feel, but cannot quite reach for how. Losing a friend or lover can have the same effect.

Absolute truth on a relative plane is relative. It is your perspective that determines what is true for you. Have you ever heard two people having a discussion that borders on conflict when you realize they actually are saying the same thing in a different way – that one person's phrase is the equivalent of the other person's word, but their 'vibe' is exactly the same on the subject they are locked upon? But neither of them feels that: They have a 'thing' to settle. Spiritual reality is like that, especially at the beginning. (Considering semantics irrelevant in your spiritual life eases the way.)

You take off from where you are at on this otherworldly journey, so John's map to get to the place is different from Suzy's map to get to the place because John is in South Dakota and Suzy is in Florida. Please don't have Suzy tell John where to go!

The first step on a spiritual quest is the kind of intention that precedes action. "Do something even if it's wrong." You decide you want your life to be meaningful to you, you want to connect to something that is larger than your present scope, something that expands who you are. This sincere intention attracts your own personal truth to appear in the events of your life. "God is in the details." You find your spiritual path in the events of your physical life because, by golly, you are living in the physical world so that is where this truth has to appear. You call it; it comes to where you are.

No one has to know about your thirst. Sometimes that's better. If you confess you are 'seeking,' you attract religious salesmen when it is spirituality you are pointing yourself toward. Salesmen put you into a loop of wasted direction on the order of fast food. Patience is rewarded with finding one nugget of your own personal truth at a time, one shard of your own reality at a time like an Easter egg hunt or like prospecting for gold.

What can 'get you going' and save you time on this path of yours is analysis – analysis of the events of your life as they contribute to the meaning of your life. When you lay your life story out, patterns and parallels come to light to the extent you have an eye for these. Tarot tends to bring out these patterns and parallels in the course of a reading about just ordinary things. Tarot Verbatim can be such a short cut to your spiritual growth through your spiritual realities. Details all of a sudden point in the same direction the way the cabbage rows in occupied France in World War I pointed American bombers to German targets. The joy of discovery leads you on like a scent leads the hound on. You are onto something and it's yours, and you will get to it.

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